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Client receives £4520.00 personal injury compensation after 1 year legal battle

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Accident circumstances

Our client had come to a halt at a zebra crossing as the car in front had stopped to let a pedestrian cross. While our client’s car was still the defendant collided into Mr A’s car. At the scene of the accident the defendant accepted fault and details were exchanged.After being recommended to us by a friend Mr A contacted Clearwater Solicitors to take conduct of his car accident claim

Defendant insurer’s position

The defendant insurers failed to respond to us and the claim was taken off the portal.We chased the defendant’s insurers and they advised the policy number of their insured that we quoted was incorrect. They later confirmed that the policy number we provided was correct and informed the claim had not been reported to them by their insured.

How Clearwater Solicitors resolved the issue?

Mr A’s claim was then transferred to our experienced personal injury solicitors where Sarah Manders who specialises in securing personal injury compensation.

–        The third party insurers later paid out £1250.00 for vehicle damage but failed to provide a response in relation to their stance on liability which meant we recommended proceedings were issued.

–        They then made an offer in the sum of £1500.00 to settle the claim without an admission of liability which our client rejected.

–        We failed to receive any increases to settle the claim meaning we had to request judgement and a disposal hearing was listed. A Disposal hearing is where a judge decides how much compensation our client should receive.

A few days later we received a call from the third party solicitor who was claiming they were not aware of any hearing and made offers to settle the case in the sum of £4520.00.

Sarah Manders comments on the case

This case should have been relatively straightforward, if the third party had co-operated and responded to us, the claim could have been settled quicker than it was, the process was prolonged because we simply failed to receive a response from the third party.In many cases court proceedings can be avoided if the third party insurers respond in the time given, they fail to do this which means we have issue proceedings. Proceedings can be quite daunting and many clients become reluctant to continue which means on many occasions they settle for low offers when they are made just to prevent the process going on any longer.

Our client felt confident through the constant communication with us and we ensured we kept him updated regularly to make sure he was aware what was happening at each stage.

Our client’s comments

Mr A states that the he was very satisfied not only with the level of client care but was extremely happy with the level of compensation. Mr A states he would use us again and would recommend Clearwater Solicitors to family and friends.

How can Clearwater solicitors help you?

Clearwater Solicitors are experienced in handling car accident claims where the third party make matters complicated by suggesting their insured was not involved. If you think you have a case or require further information contact Clearwater Solicitors on 08000 430 430 or fill in the online call back request.

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