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Client awarded £1,000.00 in motorway collision

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Accident circumstances

Mr. K and his son set off from their home address for a day out. Our client was traveling on the motorway and noticed that the traffic was building up as the vehicles were moving and stopping. The claimant decided to move his vehicle onto the fast lane. He advised that the traffic was building up in front of him and finally came to a stop. Therefore our client slowed down his vehicle and came to a stop. After our client came to a stop he remembers seeing a cloud of white smoke behind him and heard a loud bang. The defendant had failed to observe and collided into the rear of our claimant’s car.

The claimant managed to get onto the hard shoulder and called the emergency services. As there were debris on the motorway a police vehicle was driving by and pulled over to see if everyone was okay. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, the motorway police attended the sense and exchanged details. The defendant was towed off by a recovery truck. Mr. K then went online and came across our personal injury solicitors and decided to contact us via the telephone.

Third party position

The third party failed to respond with offers within the given time so we issued court proceedings.

How Clearwater solicitors resolved the issue?

The case was transferred to Shazad Arif our experienced expert in car accident claims.

–        Once court proceedings were issued the third party responded and admitted this in full. However, they advised that they believed that our client wasn’t injured as a result of this accident and asked him to provide a statement of truth.

–        Our client was happy to provide a statement of truth confirming the fact he was injured.

The third party solicitors then decided to accept our client’s statement and offered him £1,000.00 in full and final settlement of his claim. Our client was happy with this offer and accepted.

Shazad Arif’s comments on the case

We wanted to offer our client a fast and efficient service. I therefore believe that as the third party failed to respond within the given time, I did the right thing to issue court proceedings. This showed as once proceedings were issued they responded with an offer and our client was happy with this offer. Our client was very happy with our service as we kept him up to date at all times and he advises that he’d highly recommend us in the future. Overall, I’m happy with the result in this case.

How Clearwater Solicitors can help you

Clearwater Solicitors are experienced in handling car accident compensation claims. Our personal injury solicitors are qualified with an outstanding success rate. Contact us on 08000 430 430 to speak to one of our team today or lick here to request a call back.

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