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Claimant wins compensation after Dentist removes the wrong tooth

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Accident Details

Mrs A was experiencing pain in the upper left area of her mouth and made an appointment with the dentist for a check up. While at the dentist our client underwent an examination and x-rays which showed she had swollen gums and that a tooth needed removing, she was not told at this point the tooth that needed removing was her wisdom tooth.

The client later attended the same dental practice to have what she believed was the damaged tooth which was on the left side of the mouth. After the treatment the client was experiencing pain in the right side of her mouth which led her to call the Dental Council who advised her to go back and speak to the practice manager. Our client then went back to the surgery and was told that the pain in the right side was because the wrong tooth has been taken out.

Defendant’s Position

Liability was admitted and a pre medical offer was made in the sum of £1500.

How Clearwater Solicitors resolved the matter

The dental negligence claim was transferred to our experienced personal injury solicitors.

–        Sarah Jerram specialises in clinical negligence claims. She recommended to the client the offer of £1500 was far too low. Taking into consideration the JSB Guidelines which state, at a starting point the loss of a back tooth is worth £1250 with an increase in compensation if there is a difficulty eating.

–        Mrs A accepted our advice and went for a medical examination. The medical report was disclosed to the Dentists representatives who failed to make any offers.

–        We advised our client to issue proceedings.

The defendants then put forward an offer in the sum of £3700 to settle the claim.

Sarah Jerram’s comments in the case?

Our specialist Dental negligence solicitors ensure we secure maximum compensation for every client and advise them of all the options available. At Clearwater Solicitors we are straight talking and make sure all our clients fully understand each option and although we advised Mrs A not to settle the claim immediately which meant matters may take a little longer. We believe our clients should be fully compensated for the pain and loss caused to them. Our client was very happy with our prompt service.

How can Clearwater Solicitors help you?

If you have suffered loss or pain due to dental negligence that was not your fault please contact Clearwater Solicitors for a free consultation with our friendly team today and let us secure the compensation you deserve by calling 08000 430 430 or click here for a call back.

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