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3 year old involved in car accident awarded £2300 compensation

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Accident circumstances

Master A was in the car which was correctly proceeding along the road when suddenly the defendant failed to observe at a give-way and crashed into our client’s vehicle. After being recommended by a friend our client’s parents contacted our personal injury solicitor in Manchester and after a free consultation they instructed us to pursue a passenger claim for compensation

Third Party position on liability

Liability was admitted in full immediately

How Clearwater Solicitors dealt with matters

The file was transferred to Sara Kiran who specialises in car accident claims.

–        After receiving the admission Sara arranged for our client to be medically examined and also got advice from a barrister in relation to the estimated value of the claim.

–        Having received the report and spoken to our client’s mother it was noted that Master A was still suffering from anxiety and stomach pains because of the accident which meant we arranged for our client to be seen by a further expert who specialises in these types of symptoms.

–       The third party put forward an offer in the sum of £1800 which we advised should be rejected based on the barristers advice that valued the claim to be worth up to £2000. We put forward a counter offer which the third party did not agree to but did agree to increase the offer up to £2000. Later that week we received a call from the third party who put forward an offer in the sum of £2300 which our client accepted.

Because our client was minor we had to issue proceedings to settle the claim. An infant approval hearing date was set and the money awarded was put into a court fund and is made payable once Master A turns 18.

Sara Kiran’s comments on the case

This was a relatively straightforward case because liability was not an issue; matters were prolonged because we had to make sure we had all the relevant evidence, because our client was still suffering symptoms as a result of the accident we had to have him further examined by a specialist expert. Although the third party initially increased the offer, further negotiation meant we were able to increase the initial offer by over £500.

How Clearwater Solicitors can help you?

If you are involved in a car accident and believe you are eligible for personal injury compensation contact Clearwater Solicitors on 08000 430 430 to speak to a member of our team now.

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