Why Make a Personal Injury Compensation Claim?

why make a personal injury claim

Now this may seem like a rather ridiculous question, with quite a simple answer, but really why should anyone make a claim for compensation? We British are renowned for our stiff upper lip mentality, for dusting ourselves off after a fall to continue our day with a cheery smile only to perhaps regale guests with details of the comical incident at the next dinner party. However, it is time for all this nonsense to stop (in my humble opinion). How many times can we trip on raised paving or slip on spilt milk in our local supermarket (mop and medic required in aisle 9)? O.K, perhaps these aren’t everyday occurrences, but it really gets my goat when people insist Britain has fallen prey to the “compensation culture” or that health and safety has gone mad. Has it? Has it really? Or have the powers that be realised that workers and the public actually appreciate some safeguarding?

 Health and safety gone mad

There it is, that phrase that crops up when people read an article about certain rules and regulations applied to the workplace or public amenity. The phrase is usually accompanied by tutting and a shake of the head, sometimes even the phrase “In my day…” Yawn! Well folks in my day, I am pretty grateful that if I injure myself and it is someone else’s fault I won’t be required to simply pick myself up and limp around, expected to just get on with it. I am fairly pleased that if I trip up at work and am severely injured because some inconsiderate employer has failed to meet health and safety standards, that I can seek compensation

Where was I..? Oh yes, why compensation?

So why pursue compensation? Contrary to what the papers would have you believe, compensation is not just handed out to any fellow with a paper-cut and is actually awarded to deserving individuals that really need it. Compensation can help victims receive a sense that justice has been done and can actually prevent the same thing happening to others. If an employer is faced with paying a large sum of money to an employee because the proper health and safety standards were not in place, it is fairly appropriate to suggest they will implement these standards for fear of having to pay out anything in future. The money awarded to victims can also prove essential to those that face several months without work, or who are forced to give up work completely because of their injuries.

Uses for Compensation

  • Medical bills: corrective surgery, physiotherapy, counselling
  • Transport costs to and from medical appointments
  • Essential equipment required after an accident
  • Paying carers
  • Household bills

Of course every situation is different, as is the amount awarded, but the value of compensation to the lives of those affected by injury can be very high indeed.

It’s not about the money

You may ask what other components are there to compensation apart from the money? For many victims, compensation validates their quest for justice. It says, “I was wronged, but the law is on my side”.

Want to make a claim?

If you have been hurt at work or in a public place in an incident that wasn’t your fault, you could make a claim. Our legal experts can assess whether you have grounds to pursue compensation and can also help you get the maximum amount in the minimum amount of time. To find out more, simply call 08000 430 430 and request a free initial consultation. If you would like one of our friendly advisers to call you back, pop your details into the online contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.