What is personal injury compensation?

what is personal injury compensationYou may think you are already aware of the answer, but do you really know what compensation is? Winning a personal injury case, or settling out of court for injuries or distress caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault is so much more than monetary reparation for many people.

What is personal injury compensation?

Compensation is usually a monetary payment for injuries suffered at the hands of someone else and can vary in amount, depending on the individual situation. Personal injury compensation is a specific type of compensation and requires a legal team that specialise in this area of law. What many people may not be aware of are the amount of situations in which you can claim personal injury compensation. If you have suffered an injury at work or in a public place, and the accident wasn’t your fault, you may be eligible to make a claim. You should give us a call if you have experienced injuries due to:

  • An allergic reaction at work ,because of cleaning products
  • An allergic reaction due to products used by your hairdressers or beautician
  • Being unaware of dangers associated with a beauty treatment
  • A negligent surgeon or other medical professional
  • A trip, slip or fall at work, in a shop, bank, or other public place
  • A trip, slip fall at work
  • A road traffic accident as a pedestrian
  • A road traffic accident as a driver
  • A forklift truck accident
  • A dog bite
  • A needlestick injury due to incorrect disposal of needles or sharps
  • A needlestick injury due to employer’s failure to provide appropriate safety clothing for your job
  • Abuse – present or historic

Types of compensation

The amount of compensation you receive depends on many factors including injuries sustained and any medical attention required, such as counselling, physiotherapy and operations. Other elements that are taken into consideration when compensation is calculated include:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Emotional impact
  • Future loss of earnings

What can a compensation pay-out be used for?

The effects of your injuries may be short-lived or long-lasting, but each situation can still result in you paying for things you would not have required otherwise. You may have to pay for corrective surgery for a botched cosmetic procedure, or you could face long periods away from work which then results in loss of earnings. If you suffer a mental illness or psychological condition because of the incident, you may be left with expensive counselling fees.

You could use compensation to pay for:

  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Counselling sessions
  • Transport to and from appointments
  • Day-to-day living costs
  • Prosthetics

Compensation isn’t just for expenses, and you could be awarded damages that reflect the emotional distress you have suffered, and of course you are free to spend it as you wish.

Many victims feel compensation is a crucial element of getting justice and we can help you to achieve this.

Personal Injury Solicitors

As highly experienced personal injury solicitors, we know what is needed to make your case a success. Our legal team provide essential support and advice alongside a meticulous service, designed to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Our clients rely on our expertise to get outstanding results in the minimum amount of time.

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