Skiing Accidents, Winter Sports Accidents And Personal Injury Claims

Skiing accidents, winter sports accidents and personal injury claimsThe winter sports season is upon us, and people from all over the country will be heading to the slopes to go skiing or snowboarding, or to take part in any other sporting activity. These sports are inherently dangerous, with the injuries participants can sustain ranging from minor scrapes and strains, to broken bones, to severe brain damage and paralysis or even death.

Skiers have a responsibility for their own health and safety, and very few ski accidents are caused by the negligence of a person other than the victim. This means in most cases, skiers are unable to claim compensation for their personal injuries, and as a result, it is highly advisable for people to take out winter sports insurance or travel insurance that will cover them for the duration of their holiday.

When are skiing accidents and other winter sports accidents do personal injury solicitors see?

One of the most common forms of winter sports accidents people can claim compensation for is collisions with skiers, snowboarders or other winter sports participants, when the collision is not the fault of the claimant.

Faulty equipment may also lead to skiing accident compensation claims. Skiers may buy or rent sports equipment that is not correctly calibrated or is poorly made. Sports equipment shops must measure a skier’s weight and height to ensure the equipment they provide is properly fitted and does not pose any unnecessary dangers.

Travel accidents could also be caused by negligence, such as collisions on the way to ski resorts, or injuries caused by faulty or dangerous ski lifts. However, people who injure themselves while climbing on to or out of a ski lift will be unlikely to succeed in a sports accident claim, as they will be deemed to be to blame for their injuries. Other cases of negligence by ski resorts that could lead to compensation claims include failing to keep their resorts in a safe manner for skiers or when employees crash into visitors while driving snow ploughs or other vehicles.

Occasionally, ski instructors may face personal injury compensation claims from their students, and should take out insurance to cover themselves and pay out compensation should this occur. Ski instructors may be found liable for injuries if they have behaved in a negligent manner, such as by taking skiers on to slopes or through areas that are beyond their ability level.

If you have been injured in a skiing accident, you should exchange contact information and other relevant details with anyone else involved in the accident and should call the emergency services.

When done right, skiing is great fun, but the health and safety risks of the activity must be carefully considered by all winter sports enthusiasts before they hit the slopes.

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