Premiership Season Could Lead To Road Accidents

road traffic accidentPeople need to pay close attention to road conditions when behind the wheel if they are to avoid motor vehicle accidents. Compensation claim solicitors frequently deal with cases in which people have suffered serious injuries in completely avoidable car crashes, and the responsible party can experience intense guilt and psychological problems when they find out what their errors led to.

A wide range of things can lead to driver distraction – playing with the radio, looking at passersby, arguing, talking on the phone, even paying attention to football. In fact, new research by indicated that a large number of car crash compensation claims could be caused by football on the radio.

Football Causing Liability In Car Accident Compensation Claims?

The poll, which marked the kick-off of the Premiership season, revealed that 11% of football fans admit to being in a road accident or a near-miss when listening to commentary about football, with this doubling to 22% among motorists aged 18 to 24.

Furthermore, 7% of football fans said they drive more erratically when listening to the football, with 4% of people saying they drive in a more aggressive manner when the team they support is losing. Half of all respondents said they become increasingly stressed when they listen to the football on the radio, and the distraction caused by this stress could easily lead to car accidents.

Personal injury solicitors Manchester could find themselves busy following derby matches, as Manchester City fans were found to be the most likely to refuse to let their rivals exit junctions, with 31% saying they discriminate against certain football fans when driving, compared with just 17% of their rival Manchester United supporters.

Some of the other ways football could lead to road accident compensation claims includes drivers punching a fist in the air when driving, which 41% admitted to doing. Additionally, 50% of respondents said they had shouted at the radio when driving, and 16% have hit the steering wheel when frustrated at the football.

It’s not just car accidents that football can cause, either; 8% of respondents have argued with their partner as a result of the football commentary.

Driving through West Bromwich could be particularly risky on match days, with 83% of fans from this area saying they are stressed out by football commentary. The second-most stressed fanbase is Sunderland, with 67% of fans stressed. Stoke City fans are the calmest, with only 25% complaining of heightened stress when listening to the radio.

If you’re listening to the football commentary in the car, ensure you do not become too involved in the game, or you might be involved in a car accident. Don’t let local rivalries or a poor performance by your favourite team impact your driving ability, but drive as you normally would.

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