Personal Injury Compensation Claims: What is a Cash Advance?

what is a cash advance

what is a cash advance personal injury

If you’ve had an accident or suffered an injury and it wasn’t your fault then you could be entitled to claim personal injury compensation. With the help of professional personal injury claims lawyers such as Cash Advance Solicitors, you could claim thousands of pounds to help you live with emotional or physical pain suffered following the incident or to compensate you for the pain you suffered at the time. Using their experience and expertise, your chosen solicitors are likely to secure you the claim you deserve, but sometimes the court process can take time and leave you out of pocket.

 The Benefits of a Cash Advance

 This doesn’t have to be the case; if you have a personal injury claim then it’s possible to get a cash advance up front that will help you to secure the financial stability you need while you claim for the compensation you deserve. Provided in addition to the no win, no fee representation offered by many legal service providers, your legal representative will offer a cash advance of up to £1,500, so it’s possible for those who have suffered an injury to secure legal services no matter what their financial situation.

 This generous cash advance is applicable whether you’ve suffered a car accident, a slip or trip, or even been the victim of medical negligence, and it can be used to pay for vital rehabilitation or medical expenses. Receiving fast and high quality medical assistance can be the difference between a full recovery and lifelong injuries, so not matter what you’re claim, this cash advance can prove a lifeline for many victims of injuries and accidents.

 Distributing your advance

 Many personal injury claim solicitors will allow you to decide on the cash sum you receive in advance. Although cash advances are limited to the maximum amount, for those seeking large claims it may be possible to choose to receive all of your cash advance before the legal proceedings begin, while others will choose to save their advance until their claim is complete. This means that victims of personal injuries can take control of their finances, ensuring they have access to the treatment and legal advice they need from the very beginning of their claim.

 No Win, No Fee

 No win, no fee representation is also a vital part of a personal injury claim, making it possible for victims in any financial situation to pursue a claim with top legal representation. In the past, many personal injuries claimants were forced to pay legal fees up front, leaving them out of pocket if they failed to win their case. With a no win, no fee contract agreed up front, claimants can pursue their case safe in the knowledge that they won’t be required to pay for their legal services unless their compensation is secured.