Making A Fatal Accident Claim With Clearwater Solicitors

Making a fatal accident claim with Clearwater SolicitorsIf someone you love has died in an accident someone else was to blame for, there will surely be a lot of different things you will have to think about and deal with.¬† However, fatal injury compensation can be essential if you and your family are to cope with a person’s accidental death and to deal with the consequences of their loss, especially if the victim was your family’s main breadwinner.

According to UK personal injury law, dependants can make a claim for compensation following the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident. Some of the people who may be dependants include:

– The wife, husband, ex-wife of ex-husband of the victim.

– Someone who lived with the victim as if they were husband or wife for at least two years before the date of the fatal accident

– The deceased’s parent or child

– The deceased’s civil partner or former civil partner

– The deceased’s sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew or cousin

Calculating The Value Of A Fatal Accident Compensation Claim

Every claim is different, and Clearwater Solicitors will consider the specific circumstances of your particular compensation claim when determining the overall value of your case.

Some of the factors that we may look into when calculating the value of a fatal accident claim include:

– The extent of the deceased’s pain and suffering in the time between the accident they sustained an injury in and their death

– Whether any family dependants will experience a loss of income and the overall value of the loss of income

– Funeral expenses, medical expenses and any other costs directly incurred as a result of the incident

– Whether the deceased performed any functions such as childcare, housework or DIY, which will require additional expense to cover

– Probate expenses

Under UK personal injury law, some people are entitled to bereavement damages. This is a fixed ¬£12,980 payout in England and Wales, and is paid by the person who caused the death or their insurer. This bereavement sum is only payable to the deceased’s spouse, or the mother or parents of a person under the age of 18. Some argue that the number of people eligible for bereavement damage through personal injury law should be extended, and this may occur in future UK law reviews.

Courts and personal injury solicitors may also consult the Ogden tables when determining the value of fatal accident claims. These are used to quickly and fairly calculate the potential future losses of people in both fatal accident and personal injury claims.

If you witnessed the accident that led to your loved one’s death, you may be eligible to claim psychological injury compensation. There are a range of different factors your claim must meet if you are to be successful.

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