How you can help us build your personal injury claim

How you can help us build your personal injury claim

We will do all we can to give you the best possible chance of winning in your personal injury claim, and will advise you of any information and evidence you might need to prove your claim, so even if you are concerned that you don’t have any evidence that can support your claim, you should still call us for free, no-obligation advice on 08000 430 430.

To establish the circumstances of your personal injury claim, your solicitors will likely require the following information:

– The date and time of the incident you wish to claim for

– The location of the incident

– Exactly what transpired to cause your injuries and the circumstances surrounding the incident

– The name and contact details of anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information that could support your personal injury compensation claim

– Details of your injuries, including your diagnosis and any treatment you received

– Whether you have any insurance policies or are a member of a trade union, as this may allow you to fund your legal representation

We may also need to see the following:

– Proof of any losses you sustained, such as loss of earnings or receipts and bills you incurred, which must be a direct result of the personal injury you are claiming compensation for

– Documentation of any insurance policies you may have that could pay the legal costs of your personal injury claim

– Any other evidence that could support your claim or be used to defend against your claim, such as accident book reports or evidence that the defendant has been involved in similar incidents

What we can do for you

What we can do for you

When we have received any information we need about your claim, we will be able to tell you whether we believe your claim has a reasonable prospect of success and how much it could be worth if you are successful. We will also tell you about what to expect if you wish to take your claim further, what expenses you may face, and the range of funding options available for you.

Our personal injury solicitors will then send you a letter outlining the advice you have received. This will contain the following information, as well as anything else relevant to your compensation claim:

– That we are willing to represent you

– The name of the personal injury solicitor that will be your main contact

– Details about the financial arrangements of your claim, including how it will be funded, any spending limits, and an estimation of your final costs

– How long it should take for your case to be completed

– Whether you need to provide any more information

– What you should do if you have any concerns or problems

We will then handle the process of claiming compensation on your behalf. This will involve sending a claims letter to the defendant that details the circumstances of your claim. We may ask you to visit a medical specialist to analyse your injuries. If the defendant accepts liability, we will arrange a settlement that meets your requirements and covers your losses, and if they deny liability, we will advise you on whether to proceed with legal action and will represent you in court if required.

You can start making a compensation claim with us today. Just fill in our on-line enquiry form or give us a phone call on 08000 430 430.