Homeowners Should Prepare For Slip Or Trip Injuries Over Hallowe'en

injuries over Hallowe'enWhile Hallowe’en is one of the most enjoyable days of the year, homeowners should be aware of the risk of personal injury claims involving trick-or-treaters or household visitors. While it is unusual for homeowners to be liable in slip or trip compensation claims, it is a good idea for people to prepare the house for the potential influx of visitors.

As well as higher levels of footfall, a range of other factors make slip and trip injuries more common over Hallowe’en. These include the darkness of the nights, the possibility of puddles and frost, and slippery autumn leaves.

Preparing Homes For Hallowe’en

Our no win no fee solicitors would therefore recommend that people prepare the outside and inside of their house in preparation for Hallowe’en. This doesn’t have to be difficult – simply cleaning up the outside of the home and any room visitors might go to is likely to be enough.

This will involve clearing doorways, lawns, garden paths and walkways of any rubbish and debris, and ensuring that Hallowe’en decorations are not on walkways and will not cause someone to trip over them. The risk of a slip or trip involving trick-or-treaters is entirely foreseeable and property owners could be deemed to be negligent if they do not take reasonable steps to deal with this risk.

People who are okay with trick-or-treaters visiting their property should put outside lights on, if they exist. This will usually signify that people are in the property and are willing to give sweets to any visitors. Anyone who does not want to entertain trick-or-treaters is advised to follow the old-fashioned trick of turning off the lights and pretending the house is unoccupied.

Slips And Trips Injuries In Hallowe’en Parties

Slips and trips injuries in Hallowe'en partiesWhile people may not expect their friends to make a personal injury claim against them, if someone is seriously injured in a slip or trip that was caused by a homeowner’s negligence, they may have no other way to deal with the repercussions than to claim compensation. Some home insurance policies will protect homeowners should this occur, although even these insurers will expect the homeowner to have kept their property in a safe condition.

This will involve dealing with uneven floors, fraying carpets and any rubbish discarded on the floor. A huge number of people suffer slip and trip injuries every year, with some of these injuries leading to catastrophic, long-lasting injuries, and homeowners would be wise to take the issue of potential liability seriously.

Our no win no fee solicitors want people to have as much fun as possible over Hallowe’en, and ensuring properties are safe is an essential part of this. It is not only people’s legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure other people’s safety – it is also their moral responsibility. People who are expecting trick-or-treaters or who are throwing a Hallowe’en party should do the right thing and prevent slip or trip accidents from occurring.