Half Of Brits At Risk Of Co Poisoning, Personal Injury Solicitors Warn

Businesses, landlords, homeowners and every other organisation needs to take the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) seriously, our personal injury solicitors wan, after a new report found more than half of all Brits – or 35 million people – are at risk of poisoning in the home from this ‘silent killer’.

The study, by campaign group Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed, revealed that 57% of British people do not have an alarm in their home. Of these people, 44% said they did not think they needed a CO alarm because they already have a smoke alarm and did not realise that a smoke alarm is unable to detect CO.

Furthermore, the group pointed out that its statistics could be an underestimate, as while 43% of people said they have a CO alarm, this is a significantly higher proportion than the number of households found to actually have an alarm during fire service inspections. Instead, only one in ten homes could be adequately protected from CO, the organisation pointed out.

But it is not just households where people are at risk from CO – our personal injury solicitors point out that guest homes, holiday apartments and a huge number of other properties may not have CO alarms. Indeed, the Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed group is backed by Katrina Davidson and Catherine McFerran, who lost their 18-year-old sons Aaron and Neil when they died of CO poisoning in a Castlerock holiday apartment during August 2010.

No Win No Fee Solicitors Warn People To Stay Safe From Co

Recent legislation had made it a legal requirement for people to install CO alarms whenever they install a new fuel-burning appliance, while CO alarms are compulsory in all new households in Northern Ireland. However, this means many people with older appliances, in older homes, or in England and Wales are still at risk. Someone who protects themselves and their family in the home could even be killed by someone else’s negligence when staying in a guest house or in other accommodation while on holiday – people do not check for CO alarms when booking hotel rooms.

Our personal injury solicitors would strongly advise everyone to invest in a CO alarm. They can cost just £15 and are available from supermarkets, hardware stores, electronic stores and even directly from gas and electricity suppliers.

While the Department of Health suggests that more than 4,000 people become ill from CO poisoning and 40 die every year, no win no fee solicitors would suggest that the actual figure is significantly higher. The Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed group pointed out that in France, CO is tested for during post-mortem examinations, and as a result, the number of deaths caused by the poison is significantly higher.

The symptoms of CO poisoning seem a lot like food poisoning of the flu, so the initial warning signs can be easily missed. Frequently, the only time people are aware that their life is at serious risk is when their CO alarm sounds. Our personal injury solicitors would warn everyone that the risk of not buying and testing a CO alarm is not worth it.