Get Expert Help From Personal Injury Solicitors Before Making A Claim For Compensation

Get expert help from personal injury solicitorsIf you’ve been injured and want to make a personal injury claim, you should seek the help and assistance of a qualified personal injury solicitor before you accept any money.

Recent years have seen a growth in the number of insurance companies that directly contact the victims of road accidents to encourage or persuade them to make an early settlement before they have received any professional advice. People can experience significant financial difficulties after being involved in preventable accidents and the thought of immediate money can tempt them to settle – however, if you do this, you may end up receiving far less money than you would otherwise receive if you held out until you spoke to the experts.

Clearwater Solicitors have been advising people to speak with solicitors before accepting money from insurers since we first set up, with professional legal bodies such as the Law Society issuing similar warnings through initiatives such as the ‘Don’t get mugged by an insurer’ campaign.

Insurers’ personal injury compensation settlements

Insurers try to protect their bottom line when handling personal injury claims. This means the amount of money they will offer you will be significantly less than your claim is worth.

You deserve to receive all the personal injury compensation you are entitled to. If you agree to settle for less, you will have to cope with financial losses and other expenses. Compensation is designed to get you back to the situation you would have been in had you not been injured – accepting an insurer’s initial offer could prevent this from happening.

Claim personal injury compensation

Some insurers will even try to settle before they have even received a report about your injuries. How could they imagine they will be giving someone the right compensation settlement without knowing about their injuries?

The personal injury solicitors at Clearwater Solicitors may advise you to undergo a medical assessment so we can fully understand the extent of your injuries and its long-term implications. This allows us to build up your claim and gather all the evidence we need to recover all the money you deserve.

Our initial assessment for personal injury claims is always free and comes without any obligations. Our phone number is even free, so there’s nothing stopping you from just getting in touch with us to discuss your claim. Call us on 08000 430 430 to speak with an expert! You can also fill in our online enquiry form – we will call you back to discuss your claim.