Claiming whiplash injury compensation following a road traffic accident

Claiming whiplash injury compensation following a road traffic accidentAlthough the government may be trying to reduce the number of whiplash injury claims, people who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents they were not entirely to blame for and who have suffered a neck injury as a result can still claim whiplash compensation.

It is not even necessary to prove that a driver was behaving in a criminal fashion or was breaking the law to succeed in a road traffic accident claim – you will only need to show that the driver was at least somewhat responsible for the accident. Although your likelihood of demonstrating the other driver’s negligence will increase if they were found to have been breaking the law when they were involved in the collision, this is by no means necessary for a road traffic accident claim to succeed. In fact, it is rare for drivers to have been found to have been criminally negligent in whiplash injury claims and other motor vehicle accident claims – criminal charges do not determine whether or not a driver will be deemed to be negligent in motor vehicle accident claims.

If there is a dispute over liability in a whiplash compensation claim or any other personal injury claim, insurers and personal injury solicitors can investigate the circumstances of the accident to determine exactly what factors led to it. If criminal charges or investigations followed the motor vehicle accident, the police reports can also be used as evidence to support your claim.

People who are uncertain about whether or not to go ahead with a claim or who is experiencing any problems as a result of their compensation claim should speak with the experienced solicitors at Clearwater Solicitors as soon as possible. You should not accept any money from an insurance company for a personal injury until you have spoken with solicitors that specialise in car accident injury claims.

Whiplash injury claims

Whiplash can be a seriously debilitating condition. It is caused by the head rapidly moving following fast deceleration, and is a very common injury following motor vehicle accidents.

The most common symptom of whiplash is neck pain, but tenderness or stiffness of the neck muscles, difficulty moving the neck, and headaches, are also frequently experienced.

One of the complicating factors in whiplash injury claims is that whiplash can take a while to develop – frequently from between six and 12 hours. The condition can worsen before it gets better, but the majority of people will make a full recovery in a few weeks or months.

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