Claim Compensation After Falling From Height At Work

Falls from height are consistently one of the most common forms of accident at work and have persistently remained one of the leading causes of work-related death and serious injury for years. It is vital for employers to take all reasonably practicable steps to control the risks inherent in work at height, as outlined in legislation such as the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (amended 2007). These laws are in place to protect workers from unscrupulous employers that do not take their health and safety seriously.

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What is work at height?

Work at height relates to all work above ground level. This could be something as simple as standing on a desk to reach a lightbulb, to more complicated tasks such as cleaning the windows of a tower block using a pneumatic lifter and harnesses. These tasks are common in industries such as construction, agriculture, forestry and roof work, but are seen in a wide range of other sectors.

Every fall from height at work is preventable, and while employers have a duty to take reasonable steps to protect their own safety when working at height, the primary duty of care falls on employers. Work at height should be avoided if at all possible, and if it cannot be avoided, employers must provide training and equipment to control the risks the work poses.

Accident at work compensation claims and falls from height

People can suffer life-changing injuries in falls from height. Broken vertebrae and other serious bone injuries are common, with some suffering from head and brain injuries. Many people suffer paralysis in falls from height and fatal injuries occur far too regularly. According to Health and Safety Executive data, slips, trips and falls make up more than 50% of all reported major workplace injuries and nearly one-third of all injuries leading to absences of longer than seven days.

If employers are negligent towards their duty of care towards their workforce, and this negligence leads to a fall from height in which someone is injured, the injured party can make an accident at work compensation claim. If you have been injured in a fall from height, speak with us as soon as possible for clear and helpful advice and assistance.

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