UK Roads Receive £28bn Investment

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has revealed a £28 billion investment in the UK’s road networks.

The plans, which were revealed on July 16th, will see road resurfacing and maintenance budgets see £12 billion of additional funding, while infrastructure for electric vehicles will receive a £500 million funding boost.

Motorways will also receive quieter surfaces, extra lanes, improved junctions and additional sections in vital locations. This will be the largest upgrade of the UK’s motorway network in history, complementing high-speed railway investments to improve travel in the UK.

Not only could the investments prevent motor vehicle accidents, but they could also help to reduce the environmental damage caused by the UK’s roads and minimise congestion. They should also enable Britain to become a key nation in the development of electronic vehicle technology.

The Highways Agency is also going to become a publicly-owned enterprise and will be given a six-year funding certainty for maintenance and capital investment. It is hoped that this move will save taxpayers £600 million while improving the outlook for the construction sector.

Preventing motor vehicle accidents

Improvements to roadways enhance the safety of roads and reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents that occur. When car accidents occur due to the state of a roadway, victims may be able to make a compensation claim against the local authority. Councils and the Highways Agency are obliged to ensure that any roads they take care of are well-maintained and do not pose a danger to motorists.

Make a car accident compensation claim

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