Top Surgeon Suspended After Allegedly Branding Initials On Patient's Liver

A surgeon is allegedly being investigated after apparently branding the liver of a patient with his initials.

The investigation against 48-year-old Simon Bramhall, a Queen Elizabeth Hospital consultant, began after a colleague claimed to have seen ‘S B’ on the transplant patient’s liver during a follow-up procedure.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Bramhall is said to have used argon gas to brand the patient. This gas is not normally harmful and is used to seal vessels.

Patient Concern founder Joyce Robbins said the victim was a patient rather than an “autograph book”.

Mr Bramhall, who has reportedly conducted hundreds of organ transplants, has been suspended while investigation takes place. A spokesman for the hospital confirmed that a surgeon had been suspended while misconduct investigations proceed.

Although MailOnline contacted the Redditch surgeon and his secretary, no comment was received.

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