Slip On Ice Leads To Grandfather's Road Death

A slip and trip led to the death of a grandfather from Midsomer in a road traffic accident, an inquest has heard.

The Bath Chronicle reports that Laurence Dando, a 67-year-old factory worker, slipped on an icy pavement on January 21st at around 4am. He fell head first, landed face-down, and was knocked unconscious, lying in the road for around eight minutes.

A white van driven by Stephen Hopkins then struck him, leaving him with head and chest injuries that killed him instantly. The accident was witnessed by Raymond McKeegan, a taxi driver, who tried to warn the Mr Hopkins.

However, Police Constable Andrew Grigg, an accident investigator, said that he did not think Mr Hopkins could have taken evasive action and that the collision occurred before the driver had realised Mr Dando was lying in the street.

Dr Peter Harrowing, Avon Assistant Deputy Coroner, recorded a narrative verdict. He said he believed Mr Dando was unconscious when the accident happened and that the slipping accident occurred due to a combination of several factors – a pre-existing medical condition suffered by Mr Dando, the alcohol he had consumed and the slippery state of the pavement.

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