Skip Company Failings Put Workers In Slip, Trip And Fall Danger

A skip company has been fined after its working practices put employees at risk of a slip, trip or fall.

Simpsons Eco Skips admitted breaching health and safety regulations at a hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on July 17th and was fined £30,000 with £1,260 costs.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspection of the company’s Park Royal depot saw an employee climb down a stack of skips that was at least ten metres high, after initially climbing up it to hook a crane hook on to a shackle. There were no fall mitigation or prevention measures in place.

Later, another employee climbed up and down a smaller stack of skips without seeming to consider the personal injuries a slip or trip in the workplace could have potentially caused.

The HSE determined that failures in competence, training and management had led to the dangerous practices occurring. Simpsons Eco Skips also could not produce a valid certificate to demonstrate its skip was in a safe working order.

As a result, five improvement notices were given to the company, and all were complied with.

While the HSE inspection did not notice any accidents at work, inspector Neil Fry claimed staff members could have been killed or suffered serious personal injuries as a result of the failings at the company.

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