Rural motorists 'have higher drink- and drug-driving rates'

Drink- and drug-drivers are more likely to live in the countryside than in urban areas, research from MoneySuperMarket has revealed.

The price comparison site found that the conviction rate for drink- and drug-driving offences in north Scotland is 1.51 per 1,000 car insurance quotes, while this ratio is 1.4 convictions per 1,000 in mid Wales. However, in Greater London, it drops to just 0.77.

Overall, people who live in more rural areas are around twice as likely to have a conviction as those in urban locations, with six of the top-ten postcode areas for drug- and drink-drivers found in Wales and Scotland. Conversely, Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford and Central London postcodes each had fewer than 0.8 offenses per 1,000 drivers and were all firmly located in the bottom ten.

The research also found that blue-collar workers had some of the highest rates of drink- and drug-driving convictions, followed by floor layers, builders, roofers and labourers. The professions found to be the least likely to have these convictions were taxi drivers, driving instructors, paramedics and midwives.

MoneySuperMarket car insurance expert Kevin Pratt said that manual workers typically perform “thirsty” work and may be likely to go to the pub when they have finished working. This could see them driving drunk more regularly than other people, or being above the drink-drive limit in the morning.

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