Most Drivers 'Do Not Understand Dashboard Lights'

A failure to understand the warning lights on cars could result in motor vehicle accidents, drivers have been warned.

In a poll by Britannia Rescue unveiled on July 31st, almost every driver surveyed (98%) did not understand the meaning of the most common information and warning lights on a car’s dashboard.

A total of 35% of respondents could not identify an airbag warning sign, while 71% did not understand a tire pressure warning light.

The company pointed out that across the 15 most popular car models, there are a total of 99 different types of dashboard symbol, with only 12 of these consistent across all cars studied. Furthermore, there are more vehicle gadgets than there used to be, so there are more symbols for drivers to understand.

Managing director for Britannia Rescue Peter Horton said people should pull over in a safe place when a warning light flashes, and should check what the issue is.

Ignoring warning lights could put a car at risk of damage and impact drivers’ safety, he added.

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