Inventor's Patent Could Reduce Slips And Trips

An inventor from Aitken, South Carolina, recently received a US Patent for a simple device that could educate people in how to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Patricia Allen, Savannah River Remediation director, created ‘over-shoes’, which are strapped to shoes to create a slippery surface.

Rather than preventing slips and trips by improving traction, it is thought the device could teach people how to safely walk on slippery surfaces. A mobile trip simulator she also developed harnesses people to a support beam. When wearers walk on the simulator’s specially-treated surface, the over-shoe will make them feel like they are walking on a sheet of ice.

Ms Allen, who is a safety professional, said it is her aim to creatively teach employees how to prevent workplace injuries.

In the summer, Savannah River Remediation employees used the over shoes and slip simulator, and since that time, the number of slips, trips and falls workers have sustained has decreased.

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