Hospital Announces Crutch Amnesty In Preparation For Slip And Trip Injuries Spike

With slips and trips compensation claims more common in the winter than the summer, a hospital has asked members of the public to return any borrowed crutches they no longer use.

Good Hope Hospital, which serves Sutton Coldfield, North Birmingham, Tamworth, Lichfield and Burntwood, is encouraging anyone to return their crutches to A&E so that other needy patients can use them.

Operations Manager at the hospital Sarah Faulkner promised that staff at the hospital will not tell anyone off for taking crutches away from the facility.

Instead, the hospital will be “very grateful”, she said, pointing out that the healthcare facility is preparing for the winter, when slips, trips and falls are more likely to happen.

While Good Hope Hospital discharges people with crutches every day, Ms Faulkner said it is “surprisingly rare” for the hospital to receive them back.

She said the hospital would like to give people the opportunity to return any crutches that are “cluttering their home”, noting this would help the facility replenish its stocks.

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