Government Responds To Healthcare Assistant Training Proposals

The government has responded to a campaign calling for consistent, compulsory training for all healthcare assistants.

The campaign, issued by 38 Degrees, suggested that the 1.3 million healthcare assistants who feed, dress and wash people in need should receive basic training. This could improve standards of care and reduce the number of clinical negligence claims.

However, the Department of Health stated that the government does not think this is the right thing to do, arguing that good leadership and proper service management is more important than regulation.

Ministers have not yet seen evidence that these members of staff require compulsory, statutory regulation, it added.

The 38 Degrees’ campaign follows the Cavendish Review into care and healthcare assistants’ training and support, which proposed that these employees receive the same basic training based on best practice. Staff would need to receive a Certificate of Fundamental Care before they would be allowed to work without supervision.

Although the Department of Health has indicated it is rejecting the 38 Degrees’ campaign, the government said it will still carefully consider the findings of the Cavendish Review and decide whether or not to implement them.

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