Good Engineering Design 'Could Reduce Workplace Accident Rates'

Good design in engineering could prevent work-related deaths, the Inter-Institutional Group on Health and Safety (IIG) has said.

Promoting good engineering design and developing buildings with close consideration to health and safety could make the country’s workplaces considerably safer, a report from the IIG said.

It called for engineers to be encouraged to look into the hazards of any project worked on, tendered or proposed, for mangers to apply risk controls and to consider hazard in procurements, and for the government to ensure publicly-funded schemes use engineering design and solutions to control safety risks.

One of the examples of safely-designed engineering cited in the paper was the London Olympics Velodrome.

Sir John Parker, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, said that the IIG’s paper articulated the business case for occupational health and safety well, noting that an essential purpose of engineering is to protect the welfare of the public and employees through continuous improvements and to prevent failures from happening.

Engineering can offer many of the solutions needed for businesses to avoid accident at work claims by ensuring that work is healthy, sustainable and safe. This will also have a positive result on a business’ bottom line.

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