Former Cleaner Makes Workplace Accident Claim Agianst Inverurie Nightclub

A former cleaner is making an accident at work compensation claim against the nightclub he used to work at.

The Evening Express reports that Ian McDonald is making the personal injury compensation claim against Inverurie establishment Edwards Bar and Nightclub.

Mr McDonald, who is now a pensioner, claims that in September 2010, he tripped over rubbish that had been left on the floor. He alledged that glass was mixed up in the debris and that this caused him to sustain severe cuts to his arm

Edwards Bar and Nightclub is challenging the accident at work compensation claim,w ith a spokeswoman for the business telling the publication that the company did not know the accident had occured on its premises. She said the firm believes there is no evidence to support Mr McDonald’s personal injury claim.

Accident At Work Compensation Claims

People who have been injured in a workplace accident that was caused by their employer’s negligence have the right to make an accident at work compensation claim. It is best to begin a personal injury claim as soon as possible after the date of the accident, as any delays in making a claim will likely benefit the defendant rather than the claimant

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