Flintshire Council's personal injury claims total nearly £400,000 in three years

Personal injury claims have cost Flintshire Council nearly £400,000 in the last three years, a Freedom of Information request by the Flintshire Chronicle has revealed.

A total of 500 claims were made against the local authority between 2010 and 2013, with these leading to a total personal injury compensation payout of £372,856.

Overall, trip, slip and fall claims represented more than half of these payments, with the local authority potentially liable for any accidents that occur on council land such as roads, footpaths and pavements.

Housing department claims relating to property defects that had injured the tenant or damaged their belongings cost the council a total of £109,835 over this timeframe.

The highest value claims identified by the news source were:

– £22,192 in a slip and trip injury claim caused by a carriageway defect

– £25,476 for a trip over a defect in a footpath

– £36,177 in a trip injury claim caused by a mound of tarmac in a public highway

The overall cost of these claims also included the local authority’s defence costs and any third party legal costs.

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