Family Mounts Medical Negligence Claim As Toddler Dies Of Croup

A grieving family are building a medical negligence compensation claim against Huddersfield Royal Infirmary after a 20-month old girl died of croup.

Lilly Grace Rose Rogerson was a healthy child until she developed respiratory problems in March 2013 and was taken to the GP.

The GP advised Lilly to take paracetamol and drink plenty of fluids, but on Good Friday, her condition worsened.

By Saturday, parents Samantha and Chris’ concerns came to a head, with Lilly’s eyes rolling back, her feeling floppy and her chest wheezing badly. The child was taken to A&E, where croup was diagnosed and a syringe of steroids was administered. The Rogersons say were asked to wait for 20 minutes to see how Lilly responded, and were then given a leaflet on the illness and told to go home.

At 3:10am, Lilly woke up so Samantha took her downstairs to treat her croup. The child stopped breathing, and her mother called 999. Lilly spent 5 days in intensive care before her life support machines were turned off April 5th.

Lilly would have celebrated her second birthday in August but her parents instead began making a hospital negligence claim.

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