Employee Manual Handling Injuries And Slips And Trips Claims Lead To £265k Compensation Payouts For Redbridge Council

More than £265,000 has been paid out by Redbridge Council over the last three years as a result of accident at work compensation claims, it has been revealed.

A Freedom of Information request detailed in the Ilford Recorder revealed these accident at work compensation claims occurred after breaches of the local authority’s duty of care towards its staff. The claims included slip and trip compensation claims and manual handling accident claims.

Redbridge Council could be liable for any accident that occurs in a workplace it operates, including waste disposal facilities, leisure centres and educational establishments. The exact details of individual accidents were not disclosed.

The local authority did not respond to the Ilford Recorder’s request for comment.

In 2010, 12 accident at work compensation claims were made against the council, with the overall value of settlements reaching £103,804. In 2011, 14 claims were made and £35,658 was paid out, while in 2012, a total of 16 claims were made, with a total value of £125,748.

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