Department Of Health 'Damned If It Does,Damned If It Doesn't'

The Department of Health is sometimes in a Catch-22 situation regarding NHS funding, a specialist has written in The Telegraph.

Junior doctor Max Pemberton argued the government department is “damned if it does, damned if if doesn’t”, highlighting the recent ¬£500 million A&E cash injection as evidence of this.

This money, which should improve standards and prevent clinical negligence claims in NHS hospitals over the winter, has been described as a ‘failure reward’, but the doctor argued there would have been an “outcry” if struggling A&E departments fell apart at the seams when the weather turned cold.

Mr Pemberton questioned where the money will be spent, arguing the problems in A&E relate to wider “systemic” problems within the wider hospital. This means the short-term cash injection is unlikely to significantly reduce medical negligence claims in the long-term, but may alleviate the problems temporarily.

While he described the ¬£500 million as a “sticking plaster”, he said he is still pleased the money his been made available, as his elderly relatives were served by struggling A&E departments in 2012.

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