Children's Poster Campaign Improving Railway Safety

Children’s posters will be put up across Northern Rail’s network as part of an initiative to reduce the number of preventable accidents in the region.

Northern Rail asked people under 14 to create designs that would warn people about the dangers on trains and station platforms, such as trip, slip and fall accidents and ‘the gap’ that commuters must ‘mind’.

The winning artists were 9-year-old Cumbria resident Sophie Horseman, 7-year-old Hebden Bridge youngster Moss Feather, 8-year-old Ryan Ansley, of Rotherham, Shy-Ann Cotterill, a 7-year-old from Ormskirk, 10-year-old Ilkley resident Emily Shaw and Stockport’s 11-year-old Holly Benson. These winners received £50 high street vouchers, a family pass for Northern Rail, and a trip to York’s Screenprint & Display, where they saw their winning entries turned into posters.

Northern Rail is also asking for Twitter followers to Tweet a picture of any of the kids’ posters they see on the rail network, which should help to keep the public safety message in mind. The first person to Tweet a picture every month to @northernrailorg will be given a Northern Rail goodie bag.

An image of Holly’s poster can be seen here:

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