AA Warns Drivers Are Inadequately Prepared For Hot Weather

Drivers are unprepared for the summer weather and could be risking motor vehicle accidents and breakdowns, an AA-Populus survey has indicated.

The research revealed 86% of AA members don’t test the cooling fan and 57% of motorists fail to check their car’s coolant levels before taking off on a long journey in the hot weather.

This could mean many drivers only realise their car has a problem when their engine overheads when they are in a motorway’s outside lane, potentially leading to dangerous driving and car accident compensation claims.

Furthermore, 24% of AA members fail to check their oil and 18% do not check their tyre pressures before departing.

The AA revealed the number of overheating-related issues it has been called to has increased by over 50% since the weather became hot, and the number of breakdowns this summer is set to surpass 2012’s figure of 840,000.

Congestion is also set to build from today (July 19th), growing again on July 26th, with peak travelling times expected between 10am and 4pm on July 20th and 27th, as people from across the country depart on their summer holidays.

Motor vehicle accidents over summer

While winter driving is particularly dangerous, summer driving carries its own risks. If you are in a motor vehicle accident over summer that was not your fault, then you should speak to car accident solicitors about your compensation claim.

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