AA Poll Shows Poor Road Safety Of British Motorists

Around three-quarters of drivers see other motorists talking on their mobile phones on most or some of their journeys, AA-Populus research has found.

This reveals a huge proportion of drivers are putting other road users at risk of motor vehicle accidents, as talking on hand-held devices has been shown to significantly increase the likelihood of drivers hitting other people.

Further research found 29% of drivers hog the middle lane of the motorway. This problem is most significant among young drivers, with 41% admitting to being a middle-lane hog. Only 17% of drivers aged 18 to 24 could correctly call lane 1 the cruising lane.

Only 10% of respondents said they had gone on the motorway with their driving instructor after passing their driving test, with 51% admitting that they taught themselves the rules of motorway driving.

From August 16th, the police will be able to issue fixed penalty notices to drivers who have committed offences such as middle-lane hogging and tailgating. The cost of a fixed penalty notice for using a phone while driving will increase from £60 to £100.

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