Statistics show Great British roads see significant safety improvements

Great British roads see significant safety improvementsNew statistics have shown that Brits are significantly less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident personal injury claim than they used to be.

Post Office Motor Insurance’s Safety on Wheels report found that the number of motor vehicle accidents in Great Britain plummeted by 36% between 2001 and 2011.

The largest declines in road traffic accidents were seen in the North West, where rates fell by 47%. This was followed by the West Midlands, which experienced a 44% fall in the number of motor vehicle accidents.

The risk of personal injury claims when on the road fell the least in the South East, with the number of motor vehicle accidents dropping by just 30% over the 11 years. There were also slight increases recorded in some parts of Scotland:  while the country saw a 34% fall in the number of accidents, some regions saw massive increases.

From 2001 to 2012, the number of accidents in East Lothian skyrocketed from just 23 to 1,163. In Clackmannanshire, 2001 saw 82 road traffic accidents, while 2012 saw 318, while in East Renfrewshire, the number of collisions rose from 163 to hit 272 over this timeframe. In Falkirk, 2001 saw 298 accidents, while 2012 saw 1,310, while in Moray, the rate of motor vehicle accidents increased from 178 to reach 205. In Na h-Eileanan an lar (the Western Isles) there were 55 accidents in 2001 and 380 in 2012, while the Orkney Islands saw 33 accidents in 2001 and 312 in 2012.

Westminster in London also experienced a rise in the number of road traffic accidents, as well as accounting for the highest number of incidents, seeing 6% of all motor vehicle accidents in the capital and a 6% average annual increase in the number of incidents every year. Personal injury solicitors therefore advise people to be very careful when travelling around Westminster.

London and the South East consistently have seen the highest number of road traffic accidents, and Post Office Head of Insurance Paul Havenhand pointed out that the high levels of congestion in these regions is causing them to remain accident hotspots. People may also be driving around these regions while fatigued on the way to work in the morning or back home from work in the evening, he added.

Fatigue while driving can easily lead to personal injury compensation claims – earlier research by Post Office Motor Insurance revealed around 3.7 million people have fallen asleep while driving.

Driving without due care and attention could lead to serious personal injury claims and devastating motor vehicle accidents. With the dark nights drawing in and the weather worsening, drivers must be extra-vigilant when driving on the nation’s roads, and must not be complacent about their personal safety.

The UK has made great strides in road safety over recent years and is actually one of the safest countries in the world to drive on. Personal injury solicitors ask all drivers to do all they can to ensure the UK retains these high standards.