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Quide To Valuing Accident At Work Compensation | Clearwater Solicitors

If you’ve suffered a personal injury in a workplace accident, you may be thinking about claiming accident at work compensation. The overall value of your claim could depend on four different types of expenses and losses, some of which may be more relevant to your claim than others. Personal injury solicitors can provide advice that relates to your specific circumstances, and this information should be considered as a guide only. General damages General damages are the damages that the claimant is not billed for and cannot be accurately calculated by totaling up losses. In an accident at work compensation case or other personal injury claim, these might be the pain […]

Workplace Egalitarianism Does Not Mean Health And Safety Egalitarianism

The country’s workplaces have become more egalitarian, and while gaps remain in the amount of money men and women earn, these gaps have closed substantially in the last few decades, with slow progress continuing to be made. Gender equality has been at the heart of the UK’s policies for many years, as well as in the policies of the European Union, and this has seen women taking a greater role in the workplace and taking on typically ‘male’ jobs, such as jobs in the construction sector, with men also more likely to enter stereotypically female work, such as nursing or teaching. However, while moves towards gender equality are much welcome, […]