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How Can We Reduce The Cost To The NHS Posed By Birth Injury Claims?

It is no surprise that the cost of birth injuries is so high. When things go badly wrong during childbirth, newborn infants can suffer from oxygen deprivation, which can cause brain damage. Victims can have lifelong care needs – recently, Samantha Singleton-Parkes, 10, from Brightlingsea, received £4.5 million in medical negligence compensation after suffering from cerebral palsy due to a serious brain injury sustained shortly after birth, with this money going towards her long-term health and care requirements. The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee says that almost one-fifth of the amount of money spent by NHS Trusts on maternity services is spent on clinical negligence cover, with this equating […]

Welsh NHS boards pay out over £100m in personal injury claims over three years

Wales Online has reported that over the last three years, the NHS in Wales has spent more than £100 million on personal injury claims. Figures released by six of Wales’ seven health boards and the Welsh ambulance service reveal that £117.6 million has been paid to personal injury compensation claimants since 2010. Overall: – The ambulance service paid out £2.3 million – Powys paid out £6.1 million – Cwm Taf Health Board paid out £14.5 million – Hywel Dda paid out £9.6 million – Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board paid out £35.4 million – Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board paid out £26.2 million – Cardiff and Vale University Health […]

Boots Issues Recall Following Defective Medicine Bottle Safety Fears

Boots recently recalled some of its medicines because of a manufacturing fault with the bottles’ tamper seals that could have caused the liquids within to become contaminated with plastic. Although there are currently no reports that anyone has suffered any health problems as a result of this fault, a number of cough and cold medicines and some children’s paracetamol, ibuprofen and gripe medicines that have been bought since September – all of which are from the Boots Pharmaceuticals range – have now been recalled. Anyone with any questions is advised to either ask staff in a Boots shop or call 0800 915 0004. Boots will offer a full refund. Defective […]

NHS Publishes Detailed 'Never Event' Data

As ‘never events’ in the NHS pose a serious risk of harm to patients, and should not occur if proper procedures have been put in place and followed, Clearwater Solicitors are concerned that 148 of these ‘never events’ were recorded between April 1st and September 30th 2012. These were seen in a total of 102 NHS Trusts and eight independent hospitals, and included 37 different cases of wrong-site surgery and 70 cases of foreign items being left in patients post-operation. Some of the never events that occurred included an incident in which a woman’s fallopian tube was taken out instead of her appendix, drugs given incorrectly or given to overdose, […]

Contributory Negligence: Research Shows 12% Of People Willing Passengers With Drunk Drivers

A survey of 1,000 motorists by insurance company Direct Line and road safety charity Brake found that 36% of people said that if their designated driver had drunk alcohol, they would refuse the offer of a journey, with 12% admitting that they have certainly been a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver. Furthermore, 10% of people say that they have either definitely or potentially driven while over the limit in the last year. If you’ve been in a car accident involving a drunk driver and you were voluntarily in the car, you will probably see the overall value of your personal injury claim reduced. As the above […]

Does The Mesothelioma Bill Go Far Enough?

Consultations into the Mesothelioma Bill concluded recently and the second reading of the bill is scheduled to occur on December 2nd, with Royal Assent predicted for July 2014. The aim of the bill is to make it easier for people with mesothelioma to receive personal injury compensation before they die. It will see a compulsory payment scheme established, so people with the condition and who cannot find the employer responsible for their illness can still receive the damages they deserve. Issues With The Mesothelioma Bill However, there are concerns that the bill does not go far enough – for instance, only those diagnosed  with mesothelioma after July 25th 2012 will […]

Welsh Assembly Approves Recovery Of Medical Costs For Asbestos Diseases Bill

New health laws mean the Welsh Assembly can recover the cost of asbestos treatment from insurers or employers after settlements or judgements in personal injury claims. The National Assembly for Wales has given the green light to the Recovery of Medical Costs for Asbestos Diseases Bill. This law does not just apply within Wales – it will also apply to business outside Wales whose employees were treated for asbestos-related conditions within Wales. The new law was sponsored by Pontypridd AM for Labour Mick Antoniw, who suggested that the cost of treatment for asbestos-related conditions has a huge cost on the Welsh NHS. It is believed the health law could provide […]

NHS 'spends £700 in medical negligence cover per birth'

The NHS in England spends around £700 for each birth to cover themselves from medical negligence claims, figures from the National Audit Office have revealed. The report found that one in every 133 babies born in England died within a few days or were stillborn, and while this is a smaller proportion than in other countries, comparisons with the other nations of the UK show that further improvements may be possible. Overall, birth clinical negligence claims and other maternity medical negligence claims cost NHS Trusts £482 million from 2012 to 2013, with this representing around one-fifth of the overall £2.6 billion spent on maternity services over the year. There were […]

Making Complaints About Negligent Home Care

With the government’s recent review into standards in the home care sector, people are asking personal injury solicitors what they should do if they are unhappy with the standards of treatment they have received by their carer and want to make a clinical negligence claim. At Clearwater Solicitors, we are always happy to discuss the circumstances of a person’s unique claim, at no cost and with no obligation – fill in our online enquiry form or call us on 08000 430 430 to find out what we could do for you. The following guidelines should help you build your case and could improve standards of homecare in your local area. […]

What Are The Benefits To Making A Personal Injury Claim After Being Injured Due To Negligence?

Determining whether someone’s injuries were sustained in an accident or whether someone else’s negligence was to blame can be one of the most challenging aspects of a personal injury solicitor’s job. While there are a few exceptions, accidents are generally considered as incidents that could not have been reasonably prevented or foreseen and that nobody could be deemed to be responsible for. Conversely, negligence is considered as a failure to deal with hazards that could reasonably be foreseen to potentially injure someone else. This negligence could be caused by actions or a failure to act. If an injury was caused accidentally, the victim may not be able to claim compensation, […]