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Car Accident Claims When The Driver Fails To Provide Information

If there’s anything worse than being in a motor vehicle accident, it’s being in an accident with a driver who refuses to provide you with information. When being in an accident, drivers are legally required to provide their name, their address and their registration number to anyone else involved in the accident, and to provide insurance documents to the police if required. When drivers fail to do this, they could find themselves facing legal repercussions, and could be charged with failing to stop at the scene of an accident or a similar offence. However, if a driver does not provide this information at the scene of an accident, or provides […]

Yorkshire Road Safety Scheme Teaches Youngsters About Car Crashes

When personal injury solicitors discuss road traffic accident claims, it is easy to forget that the consequences of these accidents can be very serious. While many people only sustain minor vehicle damage or recoverable whiplash injuries, no win no fee solicitors regularly see people who are disabled or whose life is in danger as a result of their injuries, or the dependents of people who lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents. North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service recently held an event that aimed to drive home the dangers of driving to young motorists, potentially reducing the number of road traffic accident claims and the number of deaths and serious […]

Cyclist Accidents and Traumatic Head Injury

Although in their mildest forms they only involve bumps, scratches and bruises, head injuries can be some of the most devastating injuries our personal injury solicitors encounter, with some people dying from these injuries or developing severe brain damage. Motor vehicle accidents frequently lead to head injuries, and some groups of road users are particularly susceptible. Around 40% of all cyclists admitted to hospital following road accidents sustain some form of head injury, with this rising to 45% among child cyclists. Abdominal and chest injuries are often accompanied by head injuries. These injuries can frequently be life-threatening – an investigation of 116 fatal cyclist accidents found that 80% of fatal […]

Small claims limit will NOT be increased – Clearwater Solicitors respond

Our personal injury solicitors have been concerned about moves to increase the small claims limit to £5,000, as this could significantly impact our ability to represent clients and for people to receive the full volume of compensation they deserve, and could spell problems for the long-term viability of the sector. While we breathed a sigh of relief when we found out that the government is no longer planning to do so, this issue will remain ‘under review’, and the limit could still be raised in the immediate future. The Transport Select Committee had warned against the consequences of increasing the small claims limit, and we are pleased that the Ministry […]

Motor Vehicle Accident Rate To Fall Following Legislative Changes

The number of motor vehicle accidents that occur in the UK should begin to fall as a result of legislative changes by the government. Every car accident reinforces the need for the UK’s highways to be improved and for safety measures to be enacted, and these changes should lead to a fall in the number of personal injuries sustained by drivers. Drinks, drugs, and motor vehicle accidents One of the new changes will be to drink driving regulations. Drivers will no longer be able to request a second test should their breath reading is under 50 microgrammes per 100 millilitres of breath.  Modern breathalysers can provide accurate readings without the […]

Are There Fewer Motor Vehicle Accidents Than There Used To Be?

Motor vehicle accidents occur regularly in the UK, and frequently lead to death and serious injuries. Some evidence suggests that the UK’s roadways are becoming safer every year, yet car accident compensation claims still occur very regularly. If you have been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, then speak to Clearwater Solicitors to start making a claim for compensation. We have years of experience in handling cases just like yours and can give you the best possible chances of success in your compensation claim. Motor vehicle accident statistics in the UK In 2011, a total of 1,901 people died in road accidents that took place in the UK […]

Top 5 Habits That Cause Driver Distraction

Every driver knows that they should concentrate on the road when behind the wheel, but sometimes people forget that they are behind a one-tonne lethal weapon and begin distracting themselves when driving. Not only could this cause people to find their insurance premiums going up following car accident compensation claims, but they could find themselves prosecuted and potentially jailed for driving without due care and attention. Many innocent people die because of driver distraction. This often results in the driver facing charges of death by dangerous driving. Normal, moral members of society can find themselves dealing with the crushing guilt of being responsible for someone’s death while simultaneously facing lengthy […]