Mr A

Mr A was a passenger in a private hire vehicle along with his friend, the third party vehicle emerged from a give way and into the path of the vehicle our client was travelling in. The third party insurers disputed liability claiming in error that our client was the driver and not the passenger, they further alleged the private hire vehicle was at fault as their client was stationary and the private hire vehicle hit a stationary vehicle.

We took a robust stance and took witness statements from our client and the driver of the private hire vehicle, along with accessing police reports who attended the scene of the accident.

Once we had collected all the statements and reports we issued proceedings against the third party in the County Court and prepared our clients’ case for a court hearing. After having reviewed the evidence we collated, the third party insurers correctly accepted liability prior to the court hearing.

Our client suffered scarring to his forehead, whiplash and pains in his upper back. He was awarded £8000 damages.