Yorkshire Road Safety Scheme Teaches Youngsters About Car Crashes

Yorkshire road safety scheme teaches youngsters about car crashesWhen personal injury solicitors discuss road traffic accident claims, it is easy to forget that the consequences of these accidents can be very serious. While many people only sustain minor vehicle damage or recoverable whiplash injuries, no win no fee solicitors regularly see people who are disabled or whose life is in danger as a result of their injuries, or the dependents of people who lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service recently held an event that aimed to drive home the dangers of driving to young motorists, potentially reducing the number of road traffic accident claims and the number of deaths and serious injuries on the county’s roads. Firefighters regularly practice how to get people out of mangled cars at the scene of an accident, using skill, speed and concentration so they can do so with 100% focus.

Young people from the area were invited to one of these practice sessions to play the role of a casualty and to be cut out of the car, underlining the hard work of the emergency services and the importance of safe and considerate driving. While the process of making road traffic accident claims can take a long time, crashes can happen in an instant, but can have very long-lasting consequences.

The event, which was held at County Business Park, Northallerton, on land owned by Peugeot dealer Simon Bailes, was a big success and was seen to reinforce messages about safe driving among all in attendance.

No win no fee solicitors – how can we prevent road traffic accident claims?

The event put across three essential messages, which could help people avoid road traffic accident claims and ensure the consequences of car crashes are not as severe as they otherwise be. These are:

–          Always wear a seatbelt. Drivers should also ensure that all their passengers wear a seat belt as well. People are significantly more likely to die in a car crash if they don’t wear a seat belt.

–          Drivers should take responsibility for the safety of their passengers and themselves by driving in a safe and proper manner

–          Distractions can easily lead to car accidents, so people should not use their mobile phone when behind the wheel.

North Yorkshire County Council is one of many local authorities across the UK that are striving to improve safety standards on the UK’s roads, reducing the number of road traffic accident claims handled by personal injury solicitors, reducing insurance premiums and improving health outcomes.

But the responsibility for road safety falls on the lap of drivers, who could find they facing no win no fee solicitors if they are responsible for a car crash. Cars should be kept in a safe, well maintained manner; drivers must never get behind the wheel if unfit to drive through drink, drugs or fatigue, and must adhere to the rules of the Highway Code carefully.

If you have been injured in a car accident you were not entirely to blame for, then speak with personal injury solicitors today.