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Archive: Aug 2014

Why Make a Personal Injury Compensation Claim?

Now this may seem like a rather ridiculous question, with quite a simple answer, but really why should anyone make a claim for compensation? We British are renowned for our stiff upper lip mentality, for dusting ourselves off after a fall to continue our day with a cheery smile only to perhaps regale guests with details of the comical incident at the next dinner party. However, it is time for all this nonsense to stop (in my humble opinion). How many times can we trip on raised paving or slip on spilt milk in our local supermarket (mop and medic required in aisle 9)? O.K, perhaps these aren’t everyday occurrences, […]

What is personal injury compensation?

You may think you are already aware of the answer, but do you really know what compensation is? Winning a personal injury case, or settling out of court for injuries or distress caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault is so much more than monetary reparation for many people. What is personal injury compensation? Compensation is usually a monetary payment for injuries suffered at the hands of someone else and can vary in amount, depending on the individual situation. Personal injury compensation is a specific type of compensation and requires a legal team that specialise in this area of law. What many people may not be aware of are […]