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Archive: Feb 2014

Research Finds 18% Of Uk Drink Drivers Are At Least 50 Years Old

While the general public may expect that young adults are the most likely to drive while drunk, personal injury solicitors London regularly see road traffic accident claims in which the negligent driver was ‘old enough to know better’. This was reflected by recent research from car insurance provider swiftcover.com, which made a Freedom of Information request to all police forces across the UK, discovering that 18% of all drink driving offences involve motorists over the age of 50. Furthermore, although the number of drink driving offences recorded has fallen by 15% over the last few years, the number of people older than 50 caught driving while drunk has remained relatively […]

Risk Factor In The Causes Of Drink Drive Personal Injury Claims

With alcohol such a well-known risk factor in the causes of drink drive personal injury claims, no win no fee solicitors are concerned by recent research from Post Office Motor Insurance that shows 18% of UK drivers have got into a car with someone who they knew had drunk too much alcohol to be legally allowed to drive. The organisation’s Safety on Wheels report revealed that people are more likely to get in the car with a friend who is over the limit, with this cited by 11% of respondents. This was followed by a family member, at 7%, and work colleagues at 4%. But personal injury solicitors are also […]

London And Paris Mayors Meet Up To Discuss Cyclist Safety

Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë is working alongside Mayor of London Boris Johnson to improve cyclist health and safety measures and other cyclist provisions in their respective cities. At a meeting on January 9th at City Hall, the mayors discussed the challenges of providing improved cyclist infrastructure and the challenges involved in improving road safety measures. This meeting follows discussions in March 2013, when Mr Johnson and Mr Delanoë met in Paris to talk about pollution reduction measures, the diversification of public transport, and electric car schemes. As well as discussing cyclist health and safety in the most recent meeting, the mayors also talked about how Paris and London can […]

Yorkshire Road Safety Scheme Teaches Youngsters About Car Crashes

When personal injury solicitors discuss road traffic accident claims, it is easy to forget that the consequences of these accidents can be very serious. While many people only sustain minor vehicle damage or recoverable whiplash injuries, no win no fee solicitors regularly see people who are disabled or whose life is in danger as a result of their injuries, or the dependents of people who lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents. North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service recently held an event that aimed to drive home the dangers of driving to young motorists, potentially reducing the number of road traffic accident claims and the number of deaths and serious […]

How To Get The Maximum Compensation For A Road Traffic Accident Claim

You can increase your likelihood of receiving the largest possible compensation payment with the following tips: –          If any vehicle, person, animal or item of street furniture is damaged, stop immediately –          Do not apologise or admit liability in any way –          Exchange details with anyone directly or indirectly involved in the incident –          Must take photos of scene of the accident and of any vehicle damage you sustained –          Take photos of anything that shows how the accident occurred, such as tyre tracks and the position of both cars –          The police can help you collect evidence, so if anyone is injured or if any public property is damaged, […]

Had A Car Accident What Shall I Do To Get Maximum Compensation?

If you’ve been in a car accident, you should speak to personal injury solicitors to help you in your road traffic accident claim. Insurers may try to minimize the size of your compensation claim – while they may cover your vehicle repair costs, they may challenge personal injury claims such as whiplash claims, and you will need the help of skilled no win no fee solicitors if you are to recover all the money you are entitled to.

North Wales Councils Pay Out £31k In Slip And Trip Accidents In 2012 To 2013

Slip and trip claims against North Wales councils saw injured parties receive more than £31,000 in compensation over 2012 to 2013. Figures in the Daily Post show that after a slip in Deeside Leisure Centre, Flintshire Council paid out £12,100 in slip accident compensation. The same council also paid out £11,520 following a slip accident at Shotton’s Venerable Edward Morgan School. Denbighshire Council paid out £1,000 after a trip accident involving a metal bolt, while Wrexham paid out £500 following a fall down steps and £3,700 after a trip injury caused by a manhole cover. Flintshire County Councillor Alex Aldridge told the news source that it is right for people […]

Oxfordshire County Council Issues Winter Road Safety Advice

Drivers must take additional care during the winter months, Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service’s Road Safety Team has said. This will involve ensuring all vehicle windows are properly demisted and that vehicles have a torch and ice-scraper on board. Drivers should also allow extra time for their journeys so they do not make mistakes while feeling rushed, as this could create health and safety hazards. If visibility is less than 100m, people should use fog lamps. All mirrors and lights should be properly cleared of ice before journeys begin if drivers are to avoid road traffic accident claims. Cold mornings could see ice settle on the roads, which […]

Consumer Bill Of Rights Introduced To Parliament

A new bill of rights for consumers has been introduced to Parliament. The Consumer Rights Bill was introduced to Westminster on January 23rd and will undergo UK law reviews and close examination before it becomes law. It will enshrine in law the following consumer rights: –          After one failed repair of faulty items or one faulty replacement, consumers will have the right to claim some of their money back –          They will be able to demand that substandard services are re-performed, or if this does not occur, a reduction in price –          A 30-day time period in which people can return faulty items or receive a price reduction –          Challenge […]

Manchester To Benefit From Cyclist Safety Mirrors

Trixi safety mirrors are to be fitted at key road junctions in Manchester to prevent cyclist accidents. The £650,000 road safety scheme will also see certain junctions fitted with advance stop lines. So far, local councils have identified 176 junctions with left hand turns in Greater Manchester that could benefit from safety improvements. Cyclists can be caught in blind spots behind large vehicles, but Trixi mirrors give drivers of large vehicles a wider field of vision. These mirrors also highlight the need for cyclists and other road users to share the roads respectfully. The scheme, which is being led by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), was funded by the Cycle […]