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Archive: Dec 2013

How you can help us build your personal injury claim

We will do all we can to give you the best possible chance of winning in your personal injury claim, and will advise you of any information and evidence you might need to prove your claim, so even if you are concerned that you don’t have any evidence that can support your claim, you should still call us for free, no-obligation advice on 08000 430 430. To establish the circumstances of your personal injury claim, your solicitors will likely require the following information: – The date and time of the incident you wish to claim for – The location of the incident – Exactly what transpired to cause your injuries […]

Slips and trips send almost 1,000 to Hartlepool and North Tees hospitals over December

From December 1st to 26th 2013, slips, trips and falls sent a total of 907 people to hospitals in North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, figures in the Hartlepool Mail have revealed. Overall, blustery, wet and slippery conditions leading to falls saw 698 people admitted to North Tees and 209 to the One Life Centre during the month. However, this is a marked decrease from the number of slips and trips in December 2012, when 1,652 people were admitted to hospitals in the region after suffering personal injuries in these accidents. The majority of patients admitted to Accident and Emergency or the Minor Injuries Unit were elderly people, who […]

Preston to hold service to commemorate road traffic accident victims

People who have lost loved ones in Lancashire motor vehicle accidents are invited to take part in the World Day of Remembrance Service on November 17th. This event will take place in Cabinet Room A (Tudor Room), in the County Hall at Fishergate, Preston.  It begins at 11am and is one of many international services held to support the family and friends of people who have died in road accidents and honour the work of staff in the emergency services. It will also be attended by the chairman of Lancashire County Council, representatives from the RoadPeace charity, and members of the ambulance, fire and police services. The initiative began in […]

Government edges towards small claims track limit increase

Although the government recently announced it was not planning to raise the personal injury claims’ small claims track limit from £1,000 to £5,000, but was going to keep this proposal “under review”, it has revealed in a House of Commons Transport Committee report that it believes there is a “strong case” for doing so. Nonetheless, rather than push ahead with this UK law review, it is instead going to concentrate on implementing the legislative changes it has already approved. The Committee said that when it does re-examine this issue, it will aim to ensure that there are proper safeguards created to ensure genuine compensation claimants do not suffer any problems […]

Flintshire schools see over 2,000 accidents and incidents

There were 2,302 accident and incident report forms filled out in Flintshire schools over the last school year, figures from The Leader have revealed. This is a fall of around 800 when compared to numbers from the previous academic year. Overall, 290 of these incidents involved employees who were injured at work, with 2,012 relating to pupils. Most of the incidents involving pupils (1,339) occurred in primary schools, while 473 involved secondary school pupils and 198 involving pupils in special schools. Conversely, special schools saw the highest number of incidents involving employees (144), compared with 44 in high schools and 104 in primary schools. Most incidents involving pupils fell under […]

Take steps to avoid winter slips and trips

Our personal injury solicitors are expecting to see a huge number of slip and trip compensation claims relating to injuries people have sustained over winter. Slips, trips and falls can lead to hospitalisation and even death in healthy adults, but the dangers of these accidents is even greater among elderly people. Ice and snow create one of the most obvious slip and trip hazards in the winter, as floors can become slippery, and you could find yourself seriously injured as a result of this. To avoid these kinds of incidents, our no win no fee solicitors have provided the following advice. – Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes Worn-down soles can significantly […]

Paramedics Struck Off For Failing To Assess A Patient And Subsequent Dishonesty

Two paramedics have been struck off the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Register this week for fabricating a patient’s records and failing to assess a patient properly. The Conduct and Competence Committee panel heard that David Glover had failed to check Sarah Thomas’ blood oxygenation levels, breaching and pulse, and failed to ask proper questions about her medical history. Although Ms Thomas complained that she was finding it difficult to breathe, Mr Glover said she had a stomach bug. She died of adrenal insufficiency a few hours later. Later, Mr Glover and Michael Davies attempted to cover up their failures by fabricating the patient’s car record and adding information […]

How Insurers Could Bring Down Car Insurance Premiums Without Overhauling Personal Injury Claims

Insurers blame personal injury solicitors and ‘compensation culture’ for the rising cost of motor insurance.  The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has blamed the compensation system for encouraging people to exploit compensators with fraudulent and exaggerated claims, which sees “millions of honest customers” dealing with increased insurance premiums. When asked for brass tacks, the insurance industry has manipulated data to suggest that the tiny proportion of fraudulent compensation claims means the whole personal injury compensation system needs to be overhauled. It is inherently very difficult to fully assess the cost of insurance fraud – while the ABI has said that fraud adds £50 to the average person’s car insurance policy […]

Man Seriously Injured In Workplace Fall From Height

Two people have been fined after a worker fell through a roof in a workplace accident in Poole. Geoff Thompson, who owns Nuffield Industrial Estate, and Michael Davies, of Poole’s Kingston Road and who hired the victim, admitted breaching health and safety regulations in a hearing at Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court on November 29th. Thompson was fined £1,500 with costs of £5,000 while Davies was fined £2,500 with costs of £2,000. Bradley White, 27, had been hired to replace an industrial roof at W & S Recycling’s premises when he fell through a fragile cement sheet, falling six metres and landing on a concrete floor. He fractured his left arm in […]

Get Expert Help From Personal Injury Solicitors Before Making A Claim For Compensation

If you’ve been injured and want to make a personal injury claim, you should seek the help and assistance of a qualified personal injury solicitor before you accept any money. Recent years have seen a growth in the number of insurance companies that directly contact the victims of road accidents to encourage or persuade them to make an early settlement before they have received any professional advice. People can experience significant financial difficulties after being involved in preventable accidents and the thought of immediate money can tempt them to settle – however, if you do this, you may end up receiving far less money than you would otherwise receive if […]