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Archive: Nov 2013

Mountain-goers 'must be experienced and prepared'

People heading up on mountains in the coming months must ensure they are properly prepared, a mountain safety expert has said. Speaking in Grough Magazine, Mountaineering Council of Scotland representative Heather Morning said that it is not good enough for people to have bought the right equipment – they must also know how to use this gear. While some people heading to Scotland’s mountains may be hill walkers, the winter experience of hiking through this terrain will be mountaineering, she said, noting this involves a higher level of experience and skill, as well as additional skills. Many accidents in mountains over winter are just simple trips and slips, Ms Morning […]

Does The Mesothelioma Bill Go Far Enough?

Consultations into the Mesothelioma Bill concluded recently and the second reading of the bill is scheduled to occur on December 2nd, with Royal Assent predicted for July 2014. The aim of the bill is to make it easier for people with mesothelioma to receive personal injury compensation before they die. It will see a compulsory payment scheme established, so people with the condition and who cannot find the employer responsible for their illness can still receive the damages they deserve. Issues With The Mesothelioma Bill However, there are concerns that the bill does not go far enough – for instance, only those diagnosed  with mesothelioma after July 25th 2012 will […]

Cambridgeshire Teachers Receive £150k In Personal Injury Claims

Five Cambridgeshire teachers have received a total of more than £150,000 in personal injury compensation claims last year, figures from Cambridge News have revealed. This comes as the NASUWT union revealed it helped its members across the country secure a record sum of £15.6 million last year. Cambridgeshire County Council cabinet member for education and learning Councillor David Harty confirmed that all the compensation claims were covered by the local authority’s insurers. He pointed out that the school district has 8,000 members of staff and 200 schools in it, so the number of personal injury claims made against it was small. One of the teachers was compensated for injuries sustained in […]

Welsh Assembly Approves Recovery Of Medical Costs For Asbestos Diseases Bill

New health laws mean the Welsh Assembly can recover the cost of asbestos treatment from insurers or employers after settlements or judgements in personal injury claims. The National Assembly for Wales has given the green light to the Recovery of Medical Costs for Asbestos Diseases Bill. This law does not just apply within Wales – it will also apply to business outside Wales whose employees were treated for asbestos-related conditions within Wales. The new law was sponsored by Pontypridd AM for Labour Mick Antoniw, who suggested that the cost of treatment for asbestos-related conditions has a huge cost on the Welsh NHS. It is believed the health law could provide […]

Worker Suffers Horrific Injuries In Brumley Bae Sawmill Accident

A sawmill has been fined after an employee seriously injured their arm in an accident at work. Damian Gawlowski, a Polish 20-year-old, was using a high-speed continuous blade to cut timber at Tennants (Elgin) Limited’s sawmill in Brumley Brae on September 26th 2011. In a hearing on November 15th, Elgin Sherriff Court heard that Mr Gawlowski’s arm was pulled into the bandsaw, which sliced it in half up to his elbow. The significant personal injuries he incurred required 16 operations to repair nerve, muscle and ligament damage. Mr Gawlowski finds it hard to use his right hand and has lost part of one finger and one thumb. He needs ongoing […]

Uk Needs To Become More Cycle-Friendly, Personal Injury Solicitors Warn

Cycling is rapidly increasing in popularity in the UK and in London in particular. However, the UK’s road network is lagging behind, and although London Mayor Boris Johnson has launched the first fully-segregated Cycle SuperHighway in the capital, the vast majority of London’s roads and the roads throughout the rest of the UK were designed for cars and do not cater particularly well for cyclists. This has led to an increase in the number of cycle accident claims and other personal injury claims involving cyclists, and has caused a shocking number of deaths. In the nine days preceding November 14th, six cyclists died on London’s roads, while another two suffered […]

Traffic Levels See Annual Rise Of 2.3% In Third Quarter Of 2013

The levels of motor vehicle traffic the UK saw in the third quarter of 2013 was 2.3% higher than during the same timeframe in 2012, data from the Department for Transport has revealed. This might be because the weather in the third quarter of 2012 saw extremely high levels of rainfall, and the drier conditions in 2013 have contributed to the increase in motor vehicle traffic. Overall, car traffic saw an annual increase of 1.9% in the quarter, while light good vehicle use rose by 5.1% and heavy goods vehicle traffic rose by 2.7%. Furthermore, all road types saw a greater volume of traffic, with urban and rural roads seeing […]

Drivers Warned Of 'Ghost Brokers' Selling Useless Car Insurance Policies

Road traffic accidents are bad enough, but collisions involving uninsured drivers are even more frustrating. People can still claim compensation through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, but doing so can be a lot of rigmarole. Fortunately, most drivers are responsible and conscientious, and therefore would never dream of getting behind the wheel of an uninsured car. But even these people could find themselves driving without insurance, as the report from the AA has highlighted the rising problem of ‘ghost brokers’. Ghost brokers are fraudulent companies set up by criminals. They pretend to be selling cheap car insurance, but are instead selling absolutely nothing, leaving their victims with useless policies and putting […]

Dishonest hospitals 'could pay medical negligence claims out of their own budget'

Hospitals could have to pay part of a medical negligence compensation claim out of their own budgets and may even have their insurance cover revoked if they are not honest about the mistakes they have made, new government proposals have revealed. The Guardian reports that these proposals were made by Jeremy Hunt on Tuesday November 19th and form part of parliament’s response to the Francis Report into clinical negligence. Under these proposals, hospitals that conceal information or mislead patients or grieving relatives could have their indemnity cover reduced or even removed entirely, and may have to use their own funds to settle medical negligence claims. It is thought this initiative […]

Reducing The Financial Cost Of A Personal Injury

Dealing with a personal injury could have a huge financial cost on you and your family, and you will need to take the right steps to ensure that this situation does not become irreparable. Many personal injury claims involve disability and permanent health problems, and claimants can require lifelong care, which can be very expensive. The death of the main breadwinner can cause financial devastation to a family, leading to countless immediate and long-term problems. Even if your injury was not particularly serious, the after-effects of it will invariably be stressful, and if you are forced to take a long absence from work, you may not have enough savings to […]