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Archive: Oct 2013

Poor Leadership And Accident At Work Compensation Claims

One of the common factors in the accident at work compensation claims Clearwater Solicitors deal with is poor leadership. Employers that fail to lead their workforce effectively are far more likely to breach their health and safety obligations than those who succeed; positive workplace safety procedures originate at the top of companies rather than at the bottom. Boards of directors and employers have to look at their own behaviours and the safety guidance they have to adhere to, and must honestly ask themselves if they are reaching the standards expected of them. If they are not, how can they expect their workers to be safe or to reach the standards […]

Man Receives £600k Funds In Medical Negligence Claim

A man has secured funds in a medical negligence compensation claim after a popliteal aneurism was misdiagnosed, eventually leading to the amputation of his leg above the knee. Gary Moore was diagnosed with a foot infection in 2009, despite the fact that his popliteal aneurism should have been successfully diagnosed. While he would have lost one or two toes had he been diagnosed in time, the delays led to him requiring an above-knee amputation. He now requires help from his daughters and wife and was forced to stop working for his business. In a hearing on June 25th 2013, Plymouth NHS Trust admitted liability in his medical negligence claim, and […]

Flintshire Council's personal injury claims total nearly £400,000 in three years

Personal injury claims have cost Flintshire Council nearly £400,000 in the last three years, a Freedom of Information request by the Flintshire Chronicle has revealed. A total of 500 claims were made against the local authority between 2010 and 2013, with these leading to a total personal injury compensation payout of £372,856. Overall, trip, slip and fall claims represented more than half of these payments, with the local authority potentially liable for any accidents that occur on council land such as roads, footpaths and pavements. Housing department claims relating to property defects that had injured the tenant or damaged their belongings cost the council a total of £109,835 over this […]

Small claims limit will NOT be increased – Clearwater Solicitors respond

Our personal injury solicitors have been concerned about moves to increase the small claims limit to £5,000, as this could significantly impact our ability to represent clients and for people to receive the full volume of compensation they deserve, and could spell problems for the long-term viability of the sector. While we breathed a sigh of relief when we found out that the government is no longer planning to do so, this issue will remain ‘under review’, and the limit could still be raised in the immediate future. The Transport Select Committee had warned against the consequences of increasing the small claims limit, and we are pleased that the Ministry […]

Clearwater Solicitors Warn Against Fraudulent Cold Callers

Impostors have been cold-calling people claiming to be representatives of Clearwater Solicitors and offering people help with personal injury claims. Due to the success of our marketing campaigns, criminals and fraudsters have been jumping on to our bandwagon to call people and generate personal injury leads by taking advantage of our excellent reputation. We would like to assert that we will never cold-call anyone. We only ever call people who have got in touch with us. Any cold-callers who use are name are certainly a scam. We would also strongly advise people to avoid giving any personal information to any cold-callers, as providing this information could lead to further cold-calls […]

Homeowners Should Prepare For Slip Or Trip Injuries Over Hallowe'en

While Hallowe’en is one of the most enjoyable days of the year, homeowners should be aware of the risk of personal injury claims involving trick-or-treaters or household visitors. While it is unusual for homeowners to be liable in slip or trip compensation claims, it is a good idea for people to prepare the house for the potential influx of visitors. As well as higher levels of footfall, a range of other factors make slip and trip injuries more common over Hallowe’en. These include the darkness of the nights, the possibility of puddles and frost, and slippery autumn leaves. Preparing Homes For Hallowe’en Our no win no fee solicitors would therefore […]

Department Of Health Releases Complaints Data

The Department of Health has released details of its complaints performance over 2013. When it receives complaints, the Department of Health aims to follow the recommendations of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman to reach best practice in complaints handling. In all cases, it aims to respond to complaints within 20 working days, and informs the complainant if it is unable to do so. Dealing with complaints allows the government body to drive up standards and prevent clinical negligence claims, as complaints help the department to learn important lessons, which can improve services. So far in 2013, the Department of Health has received a total of 11 complaints. It upheld […]

New Measures Rolled Out To Prevent Fraudulent Whiplash Injury Claims

The battle against whiplash compensation claims has taken another turn, with Justice Minister Chris Grayling unveiling a series of measures that could make it harder for people to claim for personal injuries in road traffic accident claims. Fraudulent whiplash claims are frequently cited as one of the reasons for the high cost of car insurance in the UK. Although the Association of British Insurers estimates that 93% of whiplash injury claims are genuine, and with personal injury solicitors estimating that fraud adds just £6.30 to the average person’s annual insurance premiums, the UK is often called the “whiplash capital of the world”. While there are fewer whiplash claims than there […]

Police Appeal For Information About Hull Road Traffic Accident

Humberside Police is appealing for witnesses to a motor vehicle accident that occurred at around 06.59 on October 17th on Stoneferry Road in Hull. The incident took place outside the Bush Tyre Depot and involved a small hatchback-style car and a Volvo Estate. The Volvo driver was waiting in traffic when the hatchback is alleged to have rear-ended him. The hatchback driver then left the scene in the direction of Chamberlain Road. The Volvo driver was injured in the motor vehicle accident, but his injuries are described as minor. Anyone who has any information about the person driving the hatchback, or anyone who witnessed the incident, is asked to get […]

Workplace Absence And The Cost To Employees

New research from insurance company LV= has underlined the importance of health and safety in the UK’s workplaces. Although industrial illness compensation and accident at work compensation claims can have a high impact on an enterprise’s bottom line, the effect injury and illness can have on employees can be even more serious, with the study showing that over the course of a lifetime, the average Brit takes a total of 360 days off because of ill health, or the equivalent of a year and a half of work. The financial implications of this can be serious – LV=’s National Sickness Report found that 44% of people that have taken time […]