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Archive: Aug 2013

Car Accident Compensation Claims And Night-Time Driving

Our road accident solicitors deal with a disproportionate number of car crash compensation claims involving accidents in the night time. Indeed, while only around one-quarter of all car journeys take place between 7pm and 8am, but approximately 40% of all car crashes occur at this time, showing that night-time journeys pose a far greater risk of death and serious injury than those in the daytime. While some of the reason for the high number of night-time motor vehicle accidents is because negligent drivers cannot see other road users in the dark, leading to longer reaction times and longer braking distances, there are also a number of other factors at play. […]

Most Drivers 'Do Not Understand Dashboard Lights'

A failure to understand the warning lights on cars could result in motor vehicle accidents, drivers have been warned. In a poll by Britannia Rescue unveiled on July 31st, almost every driver surveyed (98%) did not understand the meaning of the most common information and warning lights on a car’s dashboard. A total of 35% of respondents could not identify an airbag warning sign, while 71% did not understand a tire pressure warning light. The company pointed out that across the 15 most popular car models, there are a total of 99 different types of dashboard symbol, with only 12 of these consistent across all cars studied. Furthermore, there are […]

Cumbria Roads Receive £7.2m Boost

Government funding worth £7.2 million has been earmarked for road repairs in Cumbria, Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin has revealed. This should mean drivers are less likely to have road accidents and should cut the number of Cumbria car accident compensation claims against local authorities. Roads in Cumbria were damaged by serious flooding in 2009, and the money will be used to repair the damage this weather caused. Improvements and repairs will be made to footways, bridges, culverts, highway slopes and drainage, with Cockermouth’s Main Street set to be restored to the quality it was at before the floods. This payment represents the final payment to Cumbria County […]

Slips And Trips In Schools And Colleges

With slips and trips representing the biggest cause of accident at work injuries, schools and colleges should implement steps to prevent these accidents from arising. Educational establishments’ duty of care extends beyond their staff and includes all of their pupils and anyone who visits the facility, and they can face slip and trip compensation claims if they fail to meet this duty. Schools have additional risk factors that other buildings may not have. With structured timetables, footfall can become exceptionally high after over an hour of the hallways being almost empty. Slips and trips are especially likely to occur during busy periods. Slips And Trips Accident And Injury Figures According […]

Employers Urged To Engage With Road Safety Week

  Employers have been urged to sign up now and take an active role in Road Safety Week, which takes place between 18th and 24th November. The annual road safety event, which is coordinated by Brake and involves thousands of different groups, aims to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents and car crashes that take place on the UK’s roads. Every day, road traffic accidents kill five people and seriously injure another 63, the campaign pointed out, urging employers to visit www.roadsafetyweek.org.uk to register with the campaign. Julie Townsend, Brake deputy chief executive, said many employers engage with the event every year to support their workforce’s health and safety, […]

Tuberculosis and Delayed Diagnosis Medical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence solicitors are seeing an increasing number of people who have developed tuberculosis and want to make a clinical negligence claim due to a delayed diagnosis. Late diagnosis of tuberculosis significantly increases the likelihood of a patient suffering serious adverse health effects or dying from the condition. Recent figures from Public Health England (PHE) revealed that people from ethnic minority groups have a higher incidence of tuberculosis than the general public, with 73% of all cases in people born in nations where tuberculosis is common. Of these, 60% were from South Asia and 22% were from sub-Saharan Africa. In the British-born populace, people from ethnic minority groups are also […]

Clinical Negligence Claims: A&E Funding Boost 'Misses The Point'

The government’s £500 million pledge to struggling A&E departments – a move that could prevent medical negligence compensation claims – misses the point, a specialist has said. Chief Executive for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Tom Mullarkey said the best way to reduce pressure in hospitals would be to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. This would lessen the demand on the NHS, as people would no longer have to go to hospital, he pointed out. Reducing the number of A&E patients would not just reduce pressure in hospitals – it would also help healthcare facilities to avoid clinical negligence claims. Mr Mullarkey pointed […]

British Drivers Cause Motor Vehicle Accidents Through Poor Footwear Choices

When people get behind the wheel, they might not even think about their footwear choices, despite the fact that failing to do so could lead to motor vehicle accidents. In fact, the Highway Code explicitly states that people should ensure their clothes and footwear do not hinder their use of the controls before they set off. While failure to adhere to the rules in the Highway Code is not necessarily a criminal offence, doing so is a strong indicator of liability in car accident compensation claims. Despite this, recent research from Sheilas’ Wheels found 59% of drivers admit to having worn unsuitable footwear while driving. Furthermore, it revealed 24% of […]

Refurbished Derry Hospital Is Better Equipped For Slips And Trips Patients

A new trauma and orthopaedics ward has opened at Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry, which should reduce treatment times for people who have suffered slips and trips injuries. The previous ward was destroyed by fire and flooding in November 2012, which significantly reduced Western Health and Social Care Trust’s capacity. It is hoping that routine waiting times will return by March 2014. Additional capacity is currently being provided by the independent sector. The average year sees almost 3,600 patients treated by the Trauma and Orthopaedics Department, with the majority of cases relating to slips, trips and falls. From 2011 to 2012, there were 359 day cases and 3,199 trauma and orthopaedic […]

Slips And Trips At Seaside Can Lead To Catastrophe

Fortunately, slips and trips do not lead to serious personal injuries in the majority of cases, but the risks are amplified when these accidents occur around water. A slip, trip or fall into water can lead to drowning, putting people’s lives at risk and occasionally taking them. In fact, data recently released by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) revealed that on the average year, slips, trips and falls during walks along the coastline or as a result of other general waterside pastimes leads to around 28 coastal deaths, or 19% of the total number of deaths on the UK’s shorelines. Every year, more than 150 people lose their lives […]