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Archive: Jul 2013

Health And Safety Within SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should protect themselves from accident at work claims just like businesses of any other size. As a result, there are issues these firms are legally obliged to consider and risks they should deal with, if they are to fulfil their duty of care towards their employees. Insurance There are two forms of insurance SMEs should take out. Not only will insurers pay out in workplace accident claims, but they will also defend a company against vexatious personal injury claims. –          Public liability insurance Public liability insurance protects businesses from any damage caused to members of the public, including diseases, property damage and injury, paying out […]

Bottling Plant Employee Suffers Life-Threatening Personal Injury In Accident At Work

An employee could have died when they severed an artery on unguarded machinery in an accident at work, Yeovil Magistrates’ Court heard. The hearing against Brothers Drink Co Ltd on July 18th referred to an accident sustained by an unnamed worker on July 12th 2012. The 52-year-old employee was investigating a problem with the depallitiser machine in the firm’s Anglo Trading Estate bottling plant in Shepton Mallet when he put his right arm into the machine. It automatically restarted, caught his clothes and pulled his limb inside, severing an artery in his bicep and cutting him in several other places. One of the three operations the workplace accident victim suffered […]

Public Health England Calls For More NHS Health Checks

Life expectancy in the UK could increase and misdiagnosis medical negligence claims could become increasingly rare if more people go through regular check-ups. A recent review by Public Health England found that if 40 to 74-year-olds had their blood pressure, lifestyle, weight and cholesterol checked more regularly, health problems and illnesses would be identified at an earlier time and around 650 preventable deaths could be avoided every year. Furthermore, 4,000 cases of diabetes and 1,600 heart attacks would be avoided, while 20,000 cases of kidney disease or diabetes could be noticed earlier and treated more effectively. In England at the moment: –          850,000 people have type 2 diabetes and are […]

£22.7bn Earmarked For NHS Clinical Negligence Claims

A total of £22.7 billion has been set aside to deal with clinical negligence claims, the NHS Litigation Authority revealed in a report released this week. This represents a 22% increase on the organisation’s budget last year, reflecting the 11% annual rise in the number of claims and increasing concerns about NHS hospital negligence. In 2011/12, around 13,500 people made a medical negligence claim against the NHS, but in 2012/13 this rose to over 16,000. While this fund represents almost one-fifth of the NHS’ budget, it is very unlikely that all the money will be spent on medical negligence compensation. The authority estimates the number of cases it will not […]

Can Medical Negligence Compensation Claims Improve Healthcare Standards?

Medical negligence compensation claims are not necessarily motivated by money and can improve patient care. Naturally, we would think this, being clinical negligence solicitors, but recent research has supported this claim. Joanna C Schwartz, University of California Los Angeles Assistant Professor of Law, revealed in an op-ed for the New York Times that she polled at least 400 professionals who are responsible for risk management in hospitals around the US and interviewed several more, asking their opinions about personal injury compensation claims. She found that while historically, hospitals were secretive and adversarial towards errors and clinical negligence claims, in recent years this has changed, with the facilities becoming increasingly open […]

Scotland Road Safety Campaign Focuses On Drivers Of The Future

A new road safety campaign focuses on the influence parents can have on their child’s driving habits when they grow up, with the aim of reducing motor vehicle accidents now and into the future. Transport Scotland’s campaign will encourage carers and parents to set a good example to their children when driving, making it the first campaign in the world to deal with the influence parents have on the motorists of the future. A YouGov poll revealed 36% of respondents think children only begin to pay attention to other people’s driving habits between the ages of 9 to 16, although a huge amount of research has found this occurs much […]

Hot Oil Burns Man In Accident At Work

A worker suffered painful burns in a workplace accident at a Lincolnshire frozen potato product manufacturer. PAS (Grantham) health and safety manager Harvey Hopwood, 62, took more than a month off work following the accident, which saw him sustain 10% burns to his back, neck, shoulder and upper arms, Grantham Magistrates Court heard on July 22nd. The injured employee later left the company. He had been told to check how the cleaning of a storage tank was progressing and climbed between the top of the gantry’s guard rails, knocking a pipe that was linked to a pressure gauge. This came off, releasing 160 degrees C oil over the victim. A […]

Accident At Work Compensation Claims

If you’ve been in an accident at work, you can find all the information you need through this handy infographic. It details some of the major causes of workplace accidents and the processes involved in making a compensation claim, before detailing some of the frequently-asked questions people have about claiming. You might want to know what you can claim for, or be reassured that you can’t be fired or dismissed as a result of the claim. You could also be interested in the evidence you can gather and the things you can do to enhance the strength of your claim, such as the reports you should file and the records […]

What Makes Up The Majority Of Medical Negligence Claims?

It seems like the range of hospital errors our medical negligence solicitors see is endless, from prescription mistakes to removing the wrong organ during surgery. So many things can go wrong in hospitals, and while we deal with some problems more regularly than others, there is such a huge array of factors in clinical negligence claims. Nonetheless, recent research has found out what some of the most common clinical malpractice and negligence claims are against primary care physicians. The study, which was published in BMJ Open, involved 34 studies into clinical negligence – 15 from the US, nine from the UK, two from France, one from Canada and seven from […]

What To Do In A Road Traffic Accident Abroad

If you’re in a road accident abroad, acting in an appropriate way and claiming compensation can be a confusing and difficult process. With people heading out on their summer holidays, the coming weeks and months will see more and more people having car crashes abroad and having to handle these extra complications. The following steps should ensure you don’t have any unnecessary difficulties, no matter what country you are in. Stop at the scene and call the police Throughout Europe and in many other countries, 112 will get you through to the emergency services. Wait until the police arrive and ensure you receive a copy of the police report. If […]