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Yearly Reported Medical And Clinical Negligence Cases

Annual trends show that Britons are making an increasing number of clinical negligence claims. Nonetheless, compensation payouts only represent a tiny fraction of the NHS’ budget, and therefore trying to reduce them to reduce budget deficits is of questionable efficacy. In 2010 to 2011, the NHS’ budget was approximately £104 billion, yet just £729.1 million was paid out to victims of clinical negligence, with a further £235 million going on legal costs. Official government figures show that the amount of money earmarked for medical negligence claims is also rising. In 2007, a total of £9.2 billion had been set aside for claims in the NHS setting, but in 2012 this […]

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Clearwater Solicitors Personal Injury Lawyers Have you suffered injury as a result of accident at work, slip or trip or road traffic accident that was not your fault or suffered a serious injury due to negligence actions of others? If yes then you need to call Clearwater Solicitors personal injury specialists Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims If you have sustained injury in road traffic accident, which was not your fault then you must make a claim to receive compensation of your physical, mental and financial damages. Call Clearwater Solicitors to make claim Accident At Work Compensation Claims If you have suffered personal injury as a result of accident at work […]

Issues Relating To Personal Injury Claims

Usually, personal injury compensation claims are relatively straightforward. People are involved in accidents that were not their fault, but were instead due to the negligence or recklessness of another party, and they can therefore claim for compensation. The sum total of the compensation received usually factors in costs such as medical bills and lost wages, as well as less quantifiable sums such as psychological trauma and physical pain. Defendants either admit liability and come to an out-of-court settlement or deny liability and the case proceeds in court. However, some personal injury claims are more confusing and difficult. A team of compensation claim solicitors and other specialists have answered some frequently-asked […]

What Does The Future Hold For Whiplash Injury Claims?

Recently, the government announced it intends to cut down on bogus whiplash injury compensation claims, suggesting that this causes insurance premiums to rise. The Transport Committee and the Ministry of Justice recently held a consultation on this issue, saying that while genuine whiplash injury claims should still be able to go ahead, there are a number of “fraudulent and exaggerated” cases in the UK. It is difficult to tell whether or not this is accurate. While reputable motor vehicle accident solicitors would refuse to represent a client who they believed to be lying about their injuries, the government recently described the UK as the “whiplash capital of the world”. The […]

Mr M Khalil, Walsall

Mr Khalil suffered from whiplash injury to his neck and upper back. He also suffered from travel anxiety for 4 to 6 months. He was expected to recover within 10 to 11 months. Client Awarded: £2815.00

Mrs S Taj, Walsall

After a car accident Mrs Taj suffered whiplash injury to her neck and lower back as well as some travel anxiety. She was expected to recover in 10 to 12 months of the accident. Client Awarded: £3015.00

Mrs S Hussain,Stoke on Trent

Mrs Hussain suffered an injury to her neck and lower back following a road traffic accident. She recovered within 10 to 12 months of the accident.  Client Awarded: £2600.00

Top 5 Habits That Cause Driver Distraction

Every driver knows that they should concentrate on the road when behind the wheel, but sometimes people forget that they are behind a one-tonne lethal weapon and begin distracting themselves when driving. Not only could this cause people to find their insurance premiums going up following car accident compensation claims, but they could find themselves prosecuted and potentially jailed for driving without due care and attention. Many innocent people die because of driver distraction. This often results in the driver facing charges of death by dangerous driving. Normal, moral members of society can find themselves dealing with the crushing guilt of being responsible for someone’s death while simultaneously facing lengthy […]

Mr J Cockram, Leicester

Mr Cockram suffered a injury to his neck and back following a road traffic accident. He recovered within 10 months of the accident.. Client Awarded: £2230.00

5 Tips For Handling Medical Negligence Claims

Pursuing a medical negligence claim can be a stressful time. Not only will you face the pain and suffering of a personal injury, but the financial cost of lost wages and medical treatment can leave you in serious difficulty. The following tips could help you deal with some of the problems you might face and should see you receiving clinical negligence compensation without any difficulties. 1- Start your clinical negligence claim as quickly as possible In the vast majority of cases, clinical negligence claims cannot be started after three years have passed between the date the personal injury was noticed and medical negligence was considered to be the reason for this […]