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Blog : Jun 2013

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Clearwater Solicitors Personal Injury Lawyers Have you suffered injury as a result of accident at work, slip or trip or road traffic accident that was not your fault or suffered…

Issues Relating To Personal Injury Claims

Usually, personal injury compensation claims are relatively straightforward. People are involved in accidents that were not their fault, but were instead due to the negligence or recklessness of another party,…

Mr M Khalil, Walsall

Mr Khalil suffered from whiplash injury to his neck and upper back. He also suffered from travel anxiety for 4 to 6 months. He was expected to recover within 10…

Mrs S Taj, Walsall

After a car accident Mrs Taj suffered whiplash injury to her neck and lower back as well as some travel anxiety. She was expected to recover in 10 to 12…

Mrs S Hussain,Stoke on Trent

Mrs Hussain suffered an injury to her neck and lower back following a road traffic accident. She recovered within 10 to 12 months of the accident.  Client Awarded: £2600.00

Top 5 Habits That Cause Driver Distraction

Every driver knows that they should concentrate on the road when behind the wheel, but sometimes people forget that they are behind a one-tonne lethal weapon and begin distracting themselves…

Mr J Cockram, Leicester

Mr Cockram suffered a injury to his neck and back following a road traffic accident. He recovered within 10 months of the accident.. Client Awarded: £2230.00

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