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Archive: Jan 2013

Mr P S, London

He is a passenger in a motor vehicle involved in a road collision, he suffered from shock, neck & backpains. Client Awarded £2500

Mr K S, London

Our client was a driver involved in a RTA and suffered injuries to his neck, back and shoulders. Client Awarded £6055

Mr S P, London

Our client suffered injuries to his neck and back as a result of a road traffic accident. Client Awarded £3000


During winter additional driving hazards have to be considered. These include adverse weather (rain, snow, frost, standing water) and longer hours of darkness. Following the advice given below will help to ensure your safety when driving in these conditions: Make sure you have plenty of fuel. Allow extra time for the journey and reduce speed. Increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front – in ice and snow stopping distances are ten times larger. In reduced visibility such as driving in rain or fog, use dipped headlights and rear fog lights. Use the windscreen wipers to keep the windscreen clear, even in fog. Remember to turn fog […]